All American Poker

All American Poker Online Video Poker

When you’re ready for a great poker game, this is the video poker online game not to be missed. All American Poker is a standard online video poker game that is played with one standard deck of 52 cards. Now, it’s always important to remember that the value of the credits won depends on the number of coins that you’ve bet and the size of the coin that you’ve selected. The largest win with this online video poker game is with the Royal Flush which pays out 4000 coins when you’ve played 5 coins.

More Online Video Poker Fun

Other great hands with All American Poker include the Straight Flush, which pays out 1000 coins when 5 coins are played; Four of a Kind which pays out 170 coins when 5 coins are played; and a Full House which pays out 40 coins when 5 coins are played. You can even win with just a Pair of Jacks!

A Great Video Poker Online Game

Like with all video poker online games, you play against the machine with All American Poker. This has its advantages, since the payouts are only dependent on the strength of your hand and not on anyone else’s game. One great feature offered by this online video poker is the ability to double your winnings. There is a bonus card game that allows you to test your luck to see if you can double what you’ve won. You try to pick a higher card than the one that has been selected by the machine – and that’s it! You get to select from 5 face down cards. If you win, you’ve easily and simply doubled your money. It doesn’t get much simpler or more fun than that!

Online Video Poker Entertainment

Find great entertainment and a game that’s easy to follow with All American Poker. This is the poker game you’ve been waiting for!

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