Double Joker Poker

Double Joker Online Video Poker

Double Joker online video poker is played with a single deck of 54 cards. The two extra cards are the Jokers which act as wild cards and can substitute for any card in the deck to help you achieve winning combinations. When a Joker appears in your hand, he automatically turns into the highest card combination to create the best win possible for you.

Double Joker Online Video Poker Payouts

You need a hand of at least Two Pairs to win at Double Joker video poker online. Of course, with the better poker hands like a Straight, a Flush, or a Full House, you can win even more. Moreover, due to the unique two Jokers, there is a Joker Royal Flush and even Five of a Kind which are payouts not usually found in online video poker games.

The Best Online Video Poker Strategy

You can bet up to five coins in Double Joker video poker, with coins sizes ranging from 0.25 to 5.00 credits. The best online video poker strategy is to always bet the maximum 5 coins, even if they are small coins, because that makes you eligible to win the big jackpots. For instance, a Natural Royal Flush with the maximum number of coins played will win you 4,000 coins. This is the biggest jackpot in Double Joker Video Poker online.

The Double Feature in Online Double Joker Poker

When you have a winning hand in online Double Joker Video Poker, you can try to double your winnings by clicking on the “Double” button. You will be dealt five cards with the first one face up. You must choose a card from the remaining four whose value is higher than the computer’s face up card. If you choose well, you will double your winning payout and add more coins to your total credits. Good luck!

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