Joker Poker

Joker Poker Online Video Poker

The popularity of online video poker games is taking off. That is because so many people enjoy playing poker when they have some spare time. Games like Joker Poker can be played wherever you have an Internet connection. They can also be played any day at any time. When you play video poker online, you decide how much to bet and you control the game.

Betting in Online Joker Poker

Like most online video poker games, Joker Poker is based on traditional five-card poker. At the beginning of the game, you can use buttons on the screen to set your wager amount. First, you may choose to adjust the value of each virtual coin that you bet. You then choose how many coins to bet on each hand. So your total bet will be the value of the coin multiplied by the number of coins. For most games, the amount you win when playing the maximum number of five coins is significantly higher than if you play with fewer coins. So if you want to bet a smaller amount, keep the coin value low but bet the maximum number of coins. Your winning odds will be much better that way.

Playing Joker Poker Online

On the first deal of this online video poker game, you receive five cards. You then choose whether to hold any of these cards while you exchange the rest. If you get a joker, it acts as a wild card and can be substituted for any other card of any suit or denomination. The online casino software will automatically choose the best value for the wild joker. So if you have three of a kind and a joker, the joker will become the value of the matching cards and you win with a four of a kind. Since you have a five-card hand and one could be the joker, it is even possible to win with a five of a kind (four matching cards plus a joker).

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