Billion Dollar Gran

Billion Dollar Gran Online Slots

Granny rules the roost in this special three reel slot game. The images include everything familiar with our old fashioned matron. In this online slots game, the winning images are cakes, crochet, jewelry boxes and Granny herself. Of course, for traditionalists, we also have some staples of the online slot game – that is there are lucky number sevens and cherry bunches. Yet what makes this game so special is that you do not win cash with matches on the single pay line. What you win is win spins in the special WINSPIN board. This board is nine squares with five pay lines. When you spin, you are hoping that three pictures of gran line up on one of the pay lines. The highest you can win here is a whopping 500x the bet you made. But you can win even more with the video feature.

The Special Huge Video Feature

If you are really lucky, then in the basic three reel game of Billion Dollar Gran, then you will see three bocce balls lined up on the single pay line. That will immediately open up the special video feature. In this added casino slots feature, you could win an incredible two thousand times your bet. That is one of the best pay outs of any online slot machine. It may be rare to get, but it is definitely worth it.

Nudges and Holds in Billion Dollar Gran

Always helping you out, granny gives you some special tools to spin in a winning combination. You can get nudges at random intervals. With a nudge, you can manually turn a wheel one click. So if you are close to a winning set, you may be able to still grab it. Another casino slots feature that gran can dispense is the hold. With a hold, you freeze whichever wheels you want and take another spin. With a couple images frozen, it becomes easier to hit the combination that will advance you. Now this online slot machine is certainly different, but if you have patience, you can have fun and win good money

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