Multihand 3-Card Poker Gold

Online Multi-Hand Three-Card Poker Gold

You’ve got a golden opportunity when you play Multi-Hand 3 Card Poker Gold. This is actually two great games in one – and it allows you to play multiple hands at a time. Together, this offers a vast array of ways to win and games to enjoy. You can play the Pair Plus game or the Ante game together or by themselves as individual games. Now, Multi-Hand 3 Card Poker Gold is played with one deck of 52 cards that is shuffled before each game.

Regular Online Poker Game Play

When you play this online poker game, you can play as many as five hands at the same time. The Dealer has to have a Queen High or better to qualify. If the Dealer doesn’t have this, then you are paid your Play bet and double your ante. If the Dealer’s hand does qualify, your hand is compared to the Dealer’s hand. If your hand is higher, you’re paid out odds of 1:1 on the ante and the Play bet.

Details about this Online Poker Game

Now, the Pair Plus game offers specific payouts for set hand combinations. The payouts are independent of the Dealer’s hand. You can play up to five hands at a time with this online poker game. In the Pair Plus game, your bet and payout are lost if you Fold. And, to qualify for a Pair Plus payout you have to place a Pair Plus bet on the table. In Pair Plus, a Pair, for instance, pays out 1:1 while a Straight Flush pays out 40:1. The Ante game has both regular and bonus payouts. The regular payouts depend on the Dealer’s hand qualifying with a Queen High combination or greater and the value of your hand. The Ante bonus payouts are paid for bonus hand combinations that you have and are not dependent on the dealer’s hand.

Online Poker Fun

The great thing about this online poker game is its variety. There is always something interesting going on, whether you’ve chosen to play one or five hands, and you can select to play only one of the game options, or to play both the Ante and Pair Plus games. This game combines strategy with some luck and keeps you engaged and having fun for as much time as you want to enjoy it!

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