The Forgotten Land of Lemuria

The Forgotten Land of Lemuria Online Slots

According to Tamil legend Lemuria was a country which was located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or Indian Sea. The belief that Lemuria once existed as a populated continent has fascinated scientists and laymen for hundreds of years. Today Lemuria rises again in the exciting five-reel video slot game, The Forgotton Land of Lemuria.

The Land of Lemuria online slot machine is a 243 Ways to Win online slot game in which there is no need to enable paylines to achieve a win. Whereas in traditional video online slots a winning combination only presents a payout if it occurs on an activated payline, 243 Ways to Win allows a win whenever a matching combination appears on the reels, regardless of where on the reels the symbols emerge. Three matching symbols anywhere on consecutive reels produce a payout. If the gamer spins an additional 4th or 5th symbol, the prize grows. Mathematicians have noted that the possible combinations of such a game equals 243 winning opportunities — 243 Ways to Win.

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The Forgotton Land of Lemuria features a multipler of x25 per spin for the 250 coin online slots. Gamers can wager up to 10 coins per spin. The game symbols include a crystal skull, an Asian flower, a glittering stone, a mysterious fire, a woman’s watchful eye and the Lamuria symbol which is the game’s Wild.

The Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols to create a winning combination. While it does not create its own winning combination, whenever it helps create more than one match it will pay out the value of the highest combination.

The Scatter symbol, the Eye, is the game’s highlight. Whenever three or more scatters appear on the reels they complete a winning scatter combination and wins are then added to regular wins. Scatter wins compliment regular wins and the game pays out for both wins whenever they occur simultaneously. A Scatter win activates the Treasure Vault Bonus game.

Online Slot Machine Bonus Game

The Vault bonus game is triggered whenever three or more scatter symbols emerge on the reels. When the Bonus game begins the gamer can choose objects from any of the vaults including the Water Vault, the Earth Vault and the Fire Vault.  The gambler selects one of ten objects in each vault to determine his winning amount.

Flash Casino Online Slot Game

Land of Lemuria is a Flash Casino online slot game which is accessible to Flash Casino players on any PC computer. Flash Casino¬†gaming ensures that all gamers are able to access their favorite games at their convenience, even when they don’t have access to their own Download Casino on their personal laptop or desktop. Players simply sign into their casino account on any Internet browser for a safe and secure gaming experience.

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