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GTA Online’s rarest car can only be won in the casino

Grand Theft Auto logoSource: Wikimedia

Most games entice gamers with prizes and loot boxes. Well, Grand Theft Auto Online just made their games worth more of your time. They are expanding their rewards to include exclusive vehicles, and every fan is raving about the Vapid Lost Slamvan. After years of blacklisting it and allowing the players to use it in missions only, they are making it available permanently. Gamers do not just win the car; they get to keep it. A dream come true for Grand Theft Auto Online players!

The Online Casino Lucky Wheel

Before the introduction of the online casino Lucky Wheel, players only had access to the Lost Slamvan during missions. Now, however, this coveted vehicle can be legally won – and kept – with the Lucky Wheel. Good, right? Well, yes – but there’s a catch: you only get one spin of the wheel a day. With a 1-in-20 chance of winning a mystery prize, given the range of prizes available, there’s a less than 1 per cent chance of winning the Vapid Lost Slamvan. 0.005 per cent to be precise. In fact, your chance of winning any car is only 14 per cent, which makes the Vapid Lost Slamvan the rarest car in the whole game.


The Vapid Lost Slamvan is a variant of the basic Slamvan that players can buy from the game. A compact low rider with low operational performance, it’s not the drivability that makes it so coveted. With a lower suspension than the original – mere centimetres off the ground – it sports twin hydraulic pumps, coloured grilles, trims and bumpers, as well as upgraded default rims. Although it has improved braking and traction, the Vapid Lost Slamvan still has a tendency to spin out. Not only that, but – despite the insane horsepower – it has only average top speeds and poor acceleration, although this doesn’t seem to be putting anyone off. Perhaps the tweaks to the taillights, plates and liveries help?

Glitches and multi spins

For years, players have been able to use the Lost Slamvan in missions, but they were unable to keep it. Although players resorted to glitches to keep the van, Rockstar made it clear that it would be erased from inventory if that was the route chosen to ownership. Park the car in a Los Santos garage, and it would be erased.

Now, however, if you get the car, you get to keep it. This has sent hardcore fans into a frenzy, with some closing the game several times a day to reset their chance at a wheel spin while others resort to glitches to get hold of their dream machine. Even though the Lost Slamvan is over four years old, the widespread love affair has clearly not faded.

Vapid Lost SlamvanSource: Wikia

Where can you find the Vapid Lost Slamvan?

Outlawed and unobtainable, the Slamvan originally appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas as a heavily customised 1967-1972 GMC C/K and is more common in affluent areas like Los Santos, western San Fierro, and districts of Las Venturas. Only payable in some missions of Heist, it features in Series A – Bikers and Series A Funding.

In The Lost and Damned, it is based on a 1953-1956 Ford F-Series panel van, with a number of 1980’s Ford F-Series design features. In this iteration, it is used in mission Heavy Toll and can be stolen from either the Angels of Death or Terry Thorpe.

The Slamvan also turns up in The Ballad of Gay Tony, but only during Frosting on the Cake.

Now no longer blacklisted, as the Lost Slamvan, Grand Theft Auto Online features the vehicle as part of the Heists Update but – just like The Ballad of Gay Tony – it is only seen in a mission.

Keeping your eye on the prize

A recent update to the GTA Online Casino, the Lucky Wheel is at the heart of the Diamond Casino and Resort, but it only offers a slim chance of winning the elusive Vapid Lost Slamvan. There are over 130 other prizes, though, to tide you over until your next spin of the wheel. From a pack of cigarettes to a motorcycle, or a tee-shirt to an aeroplane, there’s always a win to keep you focussed on your chance of adding the Vapid Lost Slamvan to your inventory.