Three-Card Poker History

Three-card poker is an offshoot of the original game of Poker. Poker itself has been around for centuries — it is considered such a well-established game that some would like us to believe that playing cards were devised in order for Poker to be played. Some historians maintain that Poker was played with Tarot cards prior to the invention of the modern-day playing card.
In any event, poker players are definitely thankful for the development and spread of Poker which brought us three-card poker The name Poker is adapted from a mixture of the French word, “Poque” and the German word, “Pochen” which both mean to knock. Implying, the idea is to knock out the other player, not literally of course.

Early Poker History

Although poker existed even earlier, it only really took off in the late 14th Century in Europe. This is mainly attributed to the diversification of the playing cards. Originally Poker was played with 20 cards, and each player was dealt four cards. Over time it continued to change and by the late 1800’s it had already developed to a game using the full 52-card deck that we are familiar with today. Poker really came into its own in America at the start of the gold rush. Tradesmen and workers who traveled were not able to carry the heavy Roulette wheel with them and were looking for different pastimes after a full days work. Cards were easy to transport and Poker was an easy game to learn and this led to its natural growth in popularity.

With the increase in popularity in the 1800’s different variants of the game were developed. One of the most well-known variants was Stud Poker. Stud Poker was a combination of the English game of Brag, which was played with three cards, and the American game of Poker. Stud Poker is a game in which each of the players received a mixture of cards which are dealt face up and face down. The cards which are face down are known as the hole cards, this gave way to the famous expression “Ace in the hole” which is from the winning card being an Ace. Stud Poker became very popular with the casinos in the early 1900’s as it added another aspect to the game of Poker. Three-card poker is itself a descendant of Stud Poker.

Three-Card Poker is Born

During the American Civil War, more changes were introduced to the game of Poker. Aside from Stud Poker there were other versions such as Draw Poker and Whiskey Poker. Each poker game had a unique trait that made it different from the others. There was also the addition of the Joker to the game which was known as “Wild Card” Poker. Today, we still use expressions derived from the different games of Poker that were in existence. A “wild card” entry into a sporting competition is a free entry to a player without having to pass any qualifying rounds.

Poker developed so much over the late 19th Century that by 1904 a committee was set up to compile a list of rules and regulations for the different types of Poker games that were played. The first book on Poker was published in 1905 by Fosters and was called “Practical Poker.” Three-card poker is just one of the many by products of the Poker Industry. Three-card poker is a form of Stud Poker that is really made up of two different games, the Ante and Play and the Pair Plus. The reason that the game is called “three-card poker” is that initially three cards are dealt to the dealer and the player or players.

Three-Card Poker in the Casinos

Three-card poker gained in popularity when state of Nevada allowed legalized gambling in 1931. Three-card poker tables could be seen popping up in all of the reputable casinos. Along with three-card poker tables, were all of the other different Poker games that had developed over the years. Three-card poker became very popular together with other Poker games as it made it more interesting for the players to switch from game to game. Some casinos started to offer jackpot bonuses for certain number of games played at three-card poker tables, to encourage people to play.

Online Three-Card Poker

In the 1990’s, with the boom of the internet and the increase in use of computers by home users, three-card poker was adapted to online casinos. Online three-card poker features realistic graphics and sound effects that re-create the atmosphere of playing 3-card poker in a real casino. The development of secure online banking systems has enabled people to play 3-card poker online for real money with confidence. Online 3-card poker is now one of the most popular of the online casino games.

It is incredible to realize that from a simple game of 20 cards played back in the 14th and 15th Centuries, a whole industry is flourishing today. It certainly gives you something to think about as you play online 3-card poker at your favorite online casino.

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