Online Multi-Hand Hold’em High Poker

Online Multi-Hand Hold’em High Poker is an online poker game in which you use your two hole cards and the five community cards to try to create a winning poker hand, while betting wisely to keep your losses low and your winnings high. An optional side bet gives you the chance to win jackpot bonuses, while the multi-hand format allows you to play up to five hands of Hold’em High Poker at once.

How to Play Hold’em High Poker Online

You start your game of online Hold’em High Poker by placing your Ante bet on the virtual poker table. You may also place a Side Bet, which will be discussed later on.

After your initial bets are in place, you click the Deal button. You will receive two hole cards face up, and five community cards will be placed face down in the centre of the virtual poker table. Now, after examining your cards, you must choose to fold, call, or raise.

  • If you fold, you lose your Ante and the game is over
  • If you call, an additional Bet equal to your Ante is placed on the table.
  • If you raise, a Bet equal to double your Ante is placed on the table.

If you call or raise, the five community cards are turned face up, and the three most advantageous community cards are combined with your two hole cards to form the best possible 5-card poker hand.

Winning at Online Hold’em High Poker

It is important to bear in mind that you are not playing Hold’em High against a dealer or against other poker players at the table. This is anonline casino game in which you are simply trying to get a winning poker hand and to win a payout according to the pay table.

You need at least two pairs, with one pair being Jacks or better, to win at Hold’em High Poker. Two pairs will give you a payout of 1-to-1. The better poker hands, such as three of a kind, straight, flush, and full house, will pay out even more, up to the biggest payouts of 100-to-1 for a straight flush and 500-to-1 for a Royal Flush.

All payouts are made on both your Ante and your Bet. So if you placed an Ante of $10, and you raised to place a Bet of $20, a Royal Flush will pay out $5,000 on your Ante and $10,000 on your Bet for a total profit of $15,000.

The Online Hold’em High Poker Side Bet

The optional Side Bet in online Hold’em High Poker — which may be larger, smaller, or the same as your Ante — is determined solely by your two hole cards, as follows:

  • A King and Ace of Spades pays 50 to 1.
  • A King and Ace of the same suit pays 25 to 1.
  • Any two cards of the same suit pays 5 to 2.

Note that the payout on the Side Bet is made immediately after the initial deal of the hole cards. Anything that happens after that, whether you fold, call, or raise, whether you win or lose the hand, has no bearing on the Side Bet. If your first two cards are two of the same suit, a King and Ace of the same suit, or a King and Ace of Spades, you win the Side Bet bonus and nothing can take that away.

Online Hold’em High Poker Strategy

The goal in online Hold’em High Poker, as in many online poker games, is to recognize that you are going to win some hands and lose some, but to try to keep your losses low while making your winnings high. This means knowing when to fold, knowing when to call, and knowing when to raise.

The optimal Hold’em High Poker strategy, as devised by the experts, is to follow these guidelines when playing your Hold’em High poker hand:

  • Raise when you have a high pair (Jacks or better) or when you have consecutive cards of the same suit;
  • Call if you have a low pair, consecutive cards of different suits, or non-consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Fold if you have none of the poker hands described above.

Of course, you are always free to develop your own online Hold’em High strategy, based on your experience, your temperament, and your capacity for risk. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to keep these guidelines in mind to give yourself a good chance of coming out ahead over the long run of playing Hold’em High in the online casino.

It is also a good idea to place both an Ante and a Side Bet on every hand of online Hold’em High Poker. Playing both types of bets spreads the risk and gives you additional chances to win a payout with your Hold’em High poker hand.

Playing Multiple Hands of Online Hold’em High Poker

The multi-hand format of Online Multi-Hand Hold’em High Poker allows you to play up to five hands of Hold’em High at once. Each hand gets its own Ante and Side Bets, which may be of differing amounts if you wish, and each hand gets its own two hole cards, while the five community cards are shared by all the hands. You make independent decisions of how to play each hand — fold, call, or raise — and you may win some hands and lose others.

Playing Hold’em High Poker online is so much fun, you can just imagine how much additional fun you can have playing five hands at once. So play Multi-Hand Hold’em High Poker at All Slots Casino and have fun!

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