Isis Online Slots

Isis was the Egyptian goddess of fertility, and now Isis is an online slot game at AllSlots, featuring exquisite images of artifacts of ancient Egyptian life as well as big payouts and special online slots features.

This Slots Goddess Is Wild

The key online slot machine symbol in Isis is, as you would expect, Isis herself. This Isis is a Wild Symbol: she can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots combination. And while she’s at it, she will double the payout for any winning combination she creates. That’s a very powerful goddess, that Isis.

Isis can also create some powerful slots jackpots by herself. All it takes is two Isis symbols on an enabled payline to win. Three or four Isis symbols will win even more, and five Isis symbols will win you 10,000 coins for every coin you bet on the payline. It’s as if Isis had been transported across the centuries and transformed into the goddess of casino slots jackpots.

The Hawk Brings You Scatter Wins and Free Spins

The Hawk is another important symbol on the Isis online slot machine. Two or more Hawk symbols scattered anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine will win you a payout, even if they are not on an enabled payline. And three or more Hawk symbols will award you, in addition to your scatter win, up to 30 free spins with a phenomenal 6X multiplier. That’s scatter wins and free spins, courtesy of the Hawk.

The Exquisite Isis Online Slot Machine Images

There are other winning slots symbols in Isis online slots, including the Eye of Horus, the Royal Scepter, the Sarcophagus, the Knoptic Jar, and the Lotus Carving.

If you don’t happen to be a scholar of Egyptian mythology, the meaning of these symbols might not be immediately apparent. What will be apparent, however, is the beauty of the images. Each slot machine symbol appears to be an exquisite hand-painted rendering of some detail of ancient Egyptian culture. So even if you don’t know who Horus was or the mythological significance of his eye, you can appreciate the detailed artistic rendering of the Eye of Horus on the Isis online slot machine.

Play Isis Slots Online at All Slots

The Isis slots game provides a great way to play slots online at All Slots. You can enjoy the beauty of the Isis online slot machine symbols as you play for double-payout wild-symbol combinations, scatter wins, 6X free spins, and the 10,000-coin Isis jackpot. Spin away, and enjoy playing slots online at All Slots. And may the Eye of Horus be with you!

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