Jurassic Park Online Slots

Jurassic Park — the tropical island where the dinosaurs still rule. It was one of the greatest movies ever made, and now it is one of the greatest online slots games, with 243 ways to win and loads of special features.

The iconic Jurassic Park Logo — the black T-Rex skeleton on a red background — is a wild symbol in the Jurassic Park slots game. And the wild symbol is stacked to create even more chances for winning ways on each spin.The Jurassic Park Online Slot Machine

The leading characters in the Jurassic Park movie appear as leading slot machine symbols on the Jurassic Park online slot machine. There is John Hammond, the creator and CEO of Jurassic Park, and the scientists — palaeontologist Alan Grant, palaeobotanist Ellie Sattler, and mathematician Ian Malcolm — who have been called in to explore the park and become involved in the incredibly dangerous and exciting adventures that power the movie and the slot machine game.

Then there are the true stars of Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptors, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and Dilophosaurus. They, too, appear as slot machine icons in the Jurassic Park online slot game.

The Scatter and Wild Symbols

Fans of Jurassic Park will recall that it was the mosquito preserved in amber that started everything. From that mosquito, scientists were able to extract dinosaur DNA and thus to clone the dinosaurs that populate Jurassic Park. Now, in the Jurassic Park online slot game, the mosquito preserved in amber serves as the scatter symbol. Two or more scatter symbols appearing anywhere on the reels will give you a payout, and three or more will also award you free spins. Just keep reading to learn about the fantastic free spins features that are in store when you play slots online at Jurassic Park.


Fantastic Free Spins Features


On Jurassic Park, free spins means more than just ordinary free spins. When you hit three or more mosquito-preserved-in-amber symbols, Jurassic Park offers five fantastic free spins features you can choose from:


  • The Tyrannosaurus Rex feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Wild Reels.
  • The Velociraptor feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Multiplier Wilds and Split Wilds.
  • The Triceratops feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Running Wilds.
  • The Brachiosaurus feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Mystery Multiplier.
  • The Dilophosaurus feature gives you 12 Free Spins with Winning Wilds.

You really can’t go wrong in Jurassic Park. No matter which Free Spins feature you choose, you are sure to come out an online slots winner.

T-Rex Alert

At any time, completely at random, a T-Rex sighting can trigger a T-Rex Alert on Jurassic Park. When that happens, an extra 35 wild symbols will be added to the reels, dramatically increasing your chances to win at slots. And those extra wilds will remain for six exciting spins.

An Unforgettable Journey

Let All Slots Online Casino take you on an unforgettable journey to Jurassic Park, where the dinosaurs roam, the jackpots run freely, and the excitement is earth shaking.

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