King Cashalot Online Progressive Slots

Old King Cashalot is a merry old king. He can make you merry, too, by giving you lots of cash in the King Cashalot progressive online slotsgame.

King Cashalot Gives Away a Lot of Cash

King Cashalot wants to give away a lot of cash. That’s why he has his own online progressive slots game. The progressive jackpot starts at a few hundred thousand credits, and it gets bigger every time someone plays King Cashalot in any online slots casino. You can actually see the jackpot growing into the hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars, pounds, or Euros. And all you have to do to get it is to make the maximum bet of 45 coins (2.25 credits) and get 5 King Symbols on the ninth payline. Just do that, and you’ll be getting a lot of cash from King Cashalot.

More Fun with King Cashalot Online Slots

The progressive jackpot is the main attraction of King Cashalot online slots, but it is by no means the only attraction. The merry King is surrounded by a whole merry household of royal online slot machine symbols, and they all add to the fun of the King Cashalot online slots game. There is the plump Queen, the dashing Knight, the fair Damsel, the amusing Jester, and the not-so-scary Dragon. There is also a whole banquetful of royal feasts: Turkey, Ham, Fish, Pudding, and Fruit. All of these symbols can form winning slots combinations that pay out real-money online slots jackpots.

The King Cashalot Online Slot Machine Bonus Features

The King Cashalot online slot machine has plenty of bonus features. First there is the scatter symbol — that’s the Jester. Scatter symbols do not have to be on an enabled payline to win at slots. Two or more Jester symbols scattered anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine will make a winning combination.

There is also a wild multiplier symbol — that’s the King. A wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol to make a winning slots combination. So a King and 3 Damsels will count as 4 Damsels. And it’s even better, because a King and 3 Damsels will pay out twice the normal jackpot for a 4-Damsel combination. That’s why he’s called a multiplier.

Finally, there is the Treasure bonus game. Three Dragons activate the Treasure bonus game, in which you pick a Treasure Chest that contains up to 24 times the total amount of your bet.

With plenty of regular winning slot machine symbols, plus scatter symbols, wild multiplier symbols, and a Treasure bonus game, there are a lot of way to win at slots with King Cashalot.

King Cashalot Online Slots Strategy

Like most online slot machine games, King Cashalot is primarily a game of luck. Nevertheless, there is one important element of online slots strategy, and that is to remember to bet the maximum amount on each spin. Betting the max is what makes you eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

While it is possible to win some good — even some excellent — slots payouts in King Cashalot without betting the max, you will not be able to win the progressive jackpot. And the progressive jackpot should be the main goal that you are playing for.

The maximum bet is not so very much: 2.25 credits. That means 2.25 dollars, pounds, or Euros, depending on which currency you are playing in. For most online slots players, that’s an affordable sum and will not break their bankroll, especially when you consider the huge progressive jackpot that you could win as a result. What are you waiting for? In order to win at online slots, you have to play online slots.

Have Fun Playing Progressive Slots Online

So have fun playing online progressive slots at All Slots, don’t forget to bet the max to win the max, and good luck in spinning for that huge King Cashalot progressive slots jackpot.

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