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Take The Fortune Home With Lara Croft® Temples And Tombs™️

Lara Craft Tomb RaiderSource: Microgaming

At All Slots Casino, the time has come to return to the slots to join our old favorite. Lara Croft is back, and she invites us along with her as she raids tombs and uncovers riches in Temples and Tombs. Use Lara’s Journal to reveal Free Spins and defend against Egyptian Gods Set and Sobek. The best part? Lara lets you keep the fortune.


What to Expect

The final installment in the Lara Croft Tomb Raider slots trilogy, Temples and Tombs, is beautifully reimagined. Here’s what you can expect: five reels, three rows, and 243 ways to win! Microgaming has introduced loads of new features for this slot game. Not only will you find Rolling Reels, but you’ll also see countless opportunities to win Free Spins. And the graphics are beautiful. Symbols dissolve into clouds of smoke. Gems rain down—emerald for a big win, purple for a super win, and ruby for a mega win.

Out in May

It’s spring! Birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the slots are calling our names. Lara Croft is ready for us to join her on her next adventure, so dust off your temple-scavenging boots. Temples and Tombs from Triple Edge Studios and Microgaming went live on May 8, 2019.

A Brief History of Lara

Remember the old days? The Lara Croft franchise began as a PlayStation game almost two decades ago, in 2001. But development started even earlier, in 1993. You know the tale. British archaeologist Lara Croft scavenges the world’s most dangerous temples, tombs, and ruins in search of lost artifacts. The games have sold over 67 million copies worldwide. The PlayStation game was then turned into a movie starring Angelina Jolie. The online slot franchise we know and love is a continuation of this long history.

Where Is She Now?

This time, we find Lara in Egypt. She’s up against formidable opponents, but we have to turn to Ancient Egyptian myth to understand them. There’s Set and Sobrek, father and son. Sobek is an ancient Egyptian deity with a complicated, aggressive, and animalistic nature. He’s associated with the crocodile and military prowess. He guards against the dangers of the Nile. Sobek’s father, Set, is a god of chaos, violence, and disorder. Help Lara get past these ancient gods to retrieve a fortune.

Cool Features In This Round

Microgaming didn’t hold back on features for Temples and Tombs. The game comes with a Rolling Reels feature, where one spin can set off a chain-reaction of wins. Winning symbols dissolve, only to be replaced with new symbols that rain down from the top of the screen. Each spin allows for continuous wins. Three Free Spins symbols get the ball rolling. Those wins can increase the Base Game multiplier up to 5x.

With the Free Spins feature, you can triple the Base Game multiplier on top of that. Get ready for a 15x multiplier! Throughout the game, you’ll cash in on Wild symbols with guaranteed chances to obtain the Golden Scarab Jackpot and winnings of up to 5000X bet! The Grand Jackpot winnings are 5000x bet, Major is 100x bet, and Minor is 15x bet.

Flip Through Lara’s Journal To Get Free Spins

How do you get free spins? Throughout the game, three Free Spins symbols award eight Free Spins per way. Those bets are the same as the spin that triggered Free Spins. A symbol for Lara’s Journal will appear to you, and within it, you can find a map to the Free Spins Tomb.  That’s the ticket! You’re on your way to the 15x multiplier. Plus, you’ll have chances to trigger even more Free Spins! You can retrigger up to 48 Free Spins. The best part? Free Spins are never capped in this game.

Can’t Get Enough

Let’s face it—we can’t get enough of Tomb Raider. We’ve already seen two slot games released, and we only want more. Luckily, Microgaming delivers on this iteration of the series. You know how to play now, so there’s no reason not to meet Lara for adventures in all new Temples and Tombs.