Lion’s Share Online Slots

In Aesop’s fable, a lion, a wolf, a fox, and a jackal hunted and killed a deer. They cut it up into quarters, and the lion claimed all four quarters for himself. Since then, “the lion’s share” has meant the largest portion of something valuable. And when you play Lion’s Share online slots, you can win the lion’s share of the online slots jackpots.

The Lion’s Share Online Slot Machine

Lion’s Share is a 3-reel, 1-payline, 3-coin online slot machine. It has traditional slot machine symbols — cherries and bars — as well as stacks of gold coins. But the star of the show, naturally, is the king of beasts: the lion himself.

As is befitting his royal stature, the lion gets to be the wild symbol and a multiplier symbol in Lion’s Share online casino slots. If one lion acts as a wild symbol to complete a winning slots payline, he doubles the amount of the payout. And if two lions act as wild symbols on a payline, they quadruple the payout.

The best outcome in Lion’s Share is when you get three lions on the payline. The three lions will pay out 8,000 coins on a 3-coin bet.

Besides winning online slots jackpots, the most enjoyable part of playing slots online with Lion’s Share is the cool sound effects. Whenever you hit a winning slots combination, you will hear the mighty lion roar at your success. It’s as if the king of beasts himself is offering you his congratulations on your online slots win.

Lion’s Share Online Slots Strategy

Winning at slots is always a matter of luck, but there are slots strategies that can help you to maximize your winnings. In Lion’s Share online slots, the best slots strategy is to always bet three coins. A look at the top row of the Lion’s Share payout schedule will show you why this is so.

If you bet 1 coin in Lion’s Share and you are lucky enough to get three Lion symbols, you win 2,000 coins. That’s not bad – nobody would complain about a 2,000-to-1 payout.

If you bet 2 coins and you get the three Lions, you win 4,000 coins. That’s still a 2,000-to-1 ratio, and it’s still not bad.

But if you bet 3 coins and you get the three Lion slots symbols, you win 8,000 coins. Now you have won a 2,667-to-1 jackpot. And that’s a whole lot better.

Of course, you might be hesitant to wager 3 coins because you want to conserve your bankroll. But the solution to this dilemma is simply to use smaller coins. Betting 3 small coins won’t cost you any more than betting 1 large coin, but it will make you eligible for that super 2,667-to-1 jackpot. And with coin sizes in Lion’s Share starting at 0.25 credits (a “credit” means a dollar, a pound, a Euro, or whatever currency you are using), betting 3 small coins should be within reach of just about everybody’s online slots budget.

Play Lion’s Share Slots Online

When you play the Lion’s Share online slot game at All Slots Online Casino, you can feel like you are the King (or Queen) of the Online Slots Jungle as you spin for the big slots jackpots. Let out a mighty roar, and give it a spin.

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