LotsaLoot Online Progressive Slots

It’s great to win Lots Of Loot playing online slots. With LotsaLoot online progressive slots, there are two ways to do it: LotsaLoot 3-reel slots and LotsaLoot 5-reel slots. Both games offer the same great progressive slots jackpot.

The LotsaLoot Online Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows. There is no set limit; the jackpot starts at a certain level and then, every time someone plays theprogressive online slots game at All Slots Online Casino or any other Microgaming online casino, more money gets added to the slots jackpot. It keeps growing and growing until some lucky online slots player hits the winning combination and takes home all the loot. Then it goes back to the starting point and starts growing all over again.

LotsaLoot 3-Reel Slots

LotsaLoot 3-reel slots is the original LotsaLoot progressive online slot machine. It is a pretty simple online slot machine. The symbols are bars (single, double, and triple), 7s, and the rainbow-colored LotsaLoot symbol. The LotsaLoot symbol is the one you really want to go for.

The LotsaLoot symbol is a wild symbol and a multiplier. That means it can substitute for any other slots symbol to complete a winning slots payline. If you use one LotsaLoot symbol to make a winning slots combination, you double your winnings; use two of them, and you quadruple your winnings. But the best thing is when you get three LotsaLoot symbols on an enabled payline. That’s where you can really win big. If they appear on the first, second, third, or fourth payline, you will win from 1,000 up to 2,500 coins. If three LotsaLoot symbols appear on the fifth payline, Congratulations! You have just won the progressive slots jackpot!

LotsaLoot 5-Reel Slots

LotsaLoot 5-reel slots is the bigger and fancier LotsaLoot online progressive slot machine. It has 25 paylines and it has more symbols, including a pot of gold and a 4-leaf clover. But, as in the original LotsaLoot, the LotsaLoot symbol is still the key to the big slots jackpots.

The LotsaLoot symbol is still a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on the 5-reel slot machine. Five LotsaLoot symbols on any of the first 24 paylines will win you 10,000 coins. And five LotsaLoot symbols on the 25th payline will win you the progressive slots jackpot.

Pick Your LotsaLoot Online Slot Game

The choice is yours. If you like your online slot machines sweet and simple, LotsaLoot 3-reel slots is for you. If you like big and fancy, LotsaLoot 5-reel slots is your game.

The games are linked, so the progressive jackpot is the same in both games, and getting bigger all the time. And remember, to be eligible to win the progressive jackpot, you have to bet the max. In the three-reel game, that means five 0.50-credit coins; in the five-reel game, it’s twenty-five 0.10-credit coins. Do the math, and you’ll see that the maximum bet comes out to 2.50 credits either way. (A credit, by the way, means one dollar, one pound, or one Euro, depending on which currency you’re using.) That’s a pretty small amount that could set you up for a very big payday.

You could be the one to win lots of loot at LotsaLoot online slots game! Good luck!

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