Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive Progressive Slots

Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive is one of the best online slot games ever to appear at any online casino. What All Slots Online Casino has done is to take two great online slot machines — 5-Reel Drive and Mega Moolah — and combine them into one. Then it tweaked the results a little bit here and a little bit there until it came up with the best possible online progressive slot machine, with phenomenal graphics, phenomenal sound effects, and phenomenal slots jackpots.

Online Slots Hits the Open Road

The Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive online slot game is all about the freedom of the open road. It features the three drivers: Red driving his huge truck up a mountain road, Yellow driving his cool sports car through the desert, and Blue driving her sleek convertible along the coast.

There is also a Police Car. When you play Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive online slots, the sight of a police car is definitely a good thing. That’s because the Police Car is, first of all, a scatter symbol in this online slots game. If three or more Police Cars appear anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine, you win a payout, even if they are not on a payline.

In addition to that, three or more Police Cars will give you 10 free spins. And to top it all off, all the payouts on your free spins are multiplied by 5. Your mother probably told you that the policeman is your friend — when you play Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive online slots, you’ll see that she was right.

Some Wild Online Slot Machine Symbols

The wild symbol in Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive is the Winding-Road Sign. This Winding-Road Sign is riddled with what appear to be bullet holes. It’s hard to say what that’s all about, but it’s definitely wild.

The Flaming Wheel symbol is a really cool-looking graphic design. It’s also the top online slots symbol. Get three Flaming Wheel symbols on an enabled payline, and you win a jackpot of 10,000 times the amount of your bet.

There is also a Dice symbol. These are those big fuzzy dice that some people, for some reason, like to hang from their rearview mirrors.

Finally, there are symbols of all the foods you can typically get at your typical roadside diner: cheeseburger, soda, chips (Americans call them fries), pie, and a donut with coffee.

The Phenomenal Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

The best thing about Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive is the chance to win a progressive jackpot. Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive shares a progressive jackpot with the regular Mega Moolah progressive online slot machine. That means that anytime anyone plays either regular Mega Moolah or Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive at any Microgaming online casino in the world, more money gets added to the progressive jackpot. And the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is the largest of any progressive online slots game in existence.

Unlike most other online progressive slots games, winning a progressive jackpot in Mega Moolah is not dependent on spinning any particular combination of slot machine symbols. Instead, the progressive jackpot feature is activated randomly. When the progressive jackpot feature is activated, you get to spin a wheel to determine which of the four progressive jackpots you win.

The four progressive jackpots are the Mini Progressive Jackpot, the Minor Progressive Jackpot, the Major Progressive Jackpot, and the Mega Progressive Jackpot. The Mega Progressive Jackpot is the monster of them all. It can be 5 million credits or even more. (“5 million credits” means 5 million of whatever currency you are wagering with, such as dollars, pounds, or Euros.) With a jackpot like that, you could buy a new set of wheels and a whole lot more.

Enjoy Playing Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive Slots Online

There is a lot to enjoy when you play Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive progressive slots online besides the thrill of a potential big jackpot win. There is the awesome feeling of driving out on the open road. There are the great online graphics and sound effects. There are the many ways to win real money slots payouts. And there is the chance to win the phenomenal Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.

So take Mega Moolah 5-Reel Drive out for a spin. You could be the King (or Queen) of the Road.

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