Mega Moolah Online Progressive Slots

Mega Moolah, set deep in the African bush, is a most amazing progressive online slot machine. It features not one, but four progressive jackpots. And you could be eligible to win any one of them.

The Mega Moolah Online Slots Game

The Mega Moolah online slots game starts with a brilliant movie of the African savannah. With birds twittering overhead, and the sun setting in the background, the lion and the monkey appear with “mega moolah,” that is, a large bag of cash. This is sure to make you smile and to get you in the mood to win some mega moolah yourself.

The lion and the monkey are indeed the stars of the Mega Moolah online slot machine. The lion is a wild symbol and a multiplier; he can substitute for any symbol to create a winning slots combination, and he doubles the regular winning payouts. The monkey is the scatter symbol — two or more monkeys scattered anywhere on the five-reel slot machine will make you a winner, while three or more monkeys will also award you 15 free spins with all payouts tripled.

Joining the lion and the monkey are the elephant, the buffalo, the giraffe, the zebra, and the kudu. (The kudu, by the way, is a large African antelope with spiral horns.) They can all make winning slots combinations, and they all add to the theme and the good fun of this online slot game.

The Progressive Jackpot Bonus Game

The most exciting part of playing Mega Moolah online progressive slots is the chance to play the Progressive Jackpot bonus game.

The Progressive Jackpot bonus game is completely random. You don’t need to spin any particular combination of slot machine symbols to activate it. And unlike most other progressive online slots games, you don’t have to bet the max amount of coins to be eligible. You just need to be playing Mega Moolah slots online for real money (not for practice play) and to get lucky, and the Progressive Jackpot bonus game will activate by itself at random intervals.

The Progressive Jackpot bonus game consists of a wheel divided into segments. The white segments feature a lion’s footprint and symbolize the Mega jackpot. The yellow segments feature an elephant’s footprint and symbolize the Major jackpot. The orange segments, with a giraffe’s print, are for the Minor jackpot, and the red segments with a zebra’s footprint are for the Mini jackpot.

To play the Progressive Jackpot bonus game, you just click the Spin button to get the bonus wheel spinning. When it stops, the arrow will be pointing to one segment of the wheel, and you win the Progressive Jackpot associated with that segment.

The Biggest Progressive Slots Jackpot in History

On 9 May 2009, Georgios M. of Greece won a Mega jackpot of €6,374,434 playing Mega Moolah online progressive slots. That is the biggest jackpot in slot machine history at any online casino or land-based casino. There is truly no slot machine like the Mega Moolah slot machine. And winning the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot is unlike winning at slots anywhere else.
Remember, the Mega jackpot in Mega Moolah starts at a minimum of 1 million credits and it builds up from there every time someone plays Mega Moolah at any Microgaming online casino. So even if the Mega jackpot doesn’t reach the level that Georgios M. reached, you could still win 1 million or more dollars, pounds, or Euros on one lucky spin. That’s not a bad way to win at slots, is it?

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