MegaSpin Major Millions Progressive Slots

Three-reel Major Millions is a great online progressive slots game that gives you a chance to become an instant major millionaire with one lucky spin of the reels. And MegaSpin Major Millions is actually 6 times greater as it gives you 6 chances to win on every spin.

The Major Millions Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that gets larger every time somebody plays the game at any casino anywhere in the world. All of the variations of Major Millions — including 3-reel Major Millions, 5-reel Major Millions, MegaSpin Major Millions, and mobile Major Millions — all feed into the same progressive jackpot, so you can just imagine how fast that jackpot grows. In fact, if you look at the Jackpot Meter on your screen, you can see the wheels turning constantly as the jackpot grows literally every second.

How to Play MegaSpin Major Millions Online Slots

When you go to the MegaSpin Major Millions online slots game in All Slots Casino, you will see six 3-reel Major Millions online slot machines on your screen. To play Major Millions MegaSpin, you first select the size of the coin you want to wager with, from 0.10 credits up to 1.00 credits.

Then you select the number of paylines you want to activate. Remember, with MegaSpin slots, you are playing six online slot machines at once. So if you activate six lines, it means one line on each machine. Twelve activated paylines means two lines on each machine, and the maximum 18 lines means 3 activated paylines on each Major Millions slot machine.

Now, when you are ready, click Spin and all six slot machines will start spinning simultaneously. When all the reels come to rest, you will see which of the six machines have come up with winners.

Winning at Major Millions MegaSpin Progressive Online Slots

With MegaSpin online slots, each of the six Major Millions slot machines on your screen is really an independent online slot game. When all the reels come to rest, you might find that some of the games have come up empty, while a couple of the games have awarded you moderate-sized payouts with cherries, bars, or lucky 7s. You might find that one of the machines has three Major Millions Logo symbols on the first or second payline, awarding you a big jackpot of 25,000 or 50,000 coins. And if you are very lucky, you will see three Major Millions Logos on the third payline of one of the Major Millions slot machines. If that happens, you have just won the progressive jackpot and you are now a major millionaire.

There are many ways to win with Major Millions online slots, from a single cherry paying out 2 coins up to three Red 7s paying 400 coins. If the Major Millions wild symbol completes a winning combination, it will double or quadruple your payout. And three Major Millions Logos on a payline will pay a big jackpot of 25,000 coins up to the progressive jackpot worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins. So yes, there are many ways to win at Major Millions, and MegaSpin Major Millions gives you six times the chances of winning.

MegaSpin Major Millions Online Slots Strategy

Whether you win 2 coins or 400 coins, it’s always nice to win when you play slots online. But the greatest experience in any online casino gameis when you win a huge progressive jackpot.

To be eligible to win the progressive jackpot in MegaSpin Major Millions, you must bet the 1-credit coin and you must bet on all three paylines on each of the six slot machines. So the best slots strategy for MegaSpin Major Millions is to bet the max: eighteen 1-credit coins on every spin.

Eighteen credits might seem like a pretty hefty amount to wager, but when you look at what you could win — a progressive jackpot of more than a million credits — it is surely worth the risk, provided that you always play within your budget.

Play MegaSpin Major Millions at All Slots Casino

Major Millions is a fun and exciting progressive online slots game, and MegaSpin Major Millions is six times the fun, six times the excitement, and six times the chances to win. So play MegaSpin Major Millions at All Slots Online Casino and see how much fun you can have as you try to spin your way to becoming an instant major millionaire.

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