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The Android marketplace offers great games for Android casino play. These games include crisp graphics, great opportunities to win and the ease of use you’ll find with an Android. Then, it’s time to enjoy Android video poker and other offerings.

Now, with video poker, it’s a Jacks or Better game that you’ll find at All Slots Casino. When you begin to play, you’ll first pick your coin size and the number of coins that you plan to wager. Then, it’s time to Deal and you’ll get your five cards.

Understanding Video Poker

Next, with Android video poker, you’ll decide which of the cards to hold and which to trade in for other cards. The software on the mobile casino will actually offer you recommendations for which cards to hold, but you don’t have to follow their suggestions.

One of the great benefits of a game like mobile poker is that it combines strategy with luck. You have to decide which cards to hold and to know some strategy for this part of the game. Combined with the luck of the draw, it creates an interesting mix that keeps players entertained and coming back for more.

Next with Android Video Poker

Next, when you play Android video poker, you’ll push the Draw button and the cards you wanted to keep will remain, and the others will be replaced.

Now it’s time to compare your final hand to the winning hands to see if you’ve won anything with your bet. With Jack or Better, you’ll need a pair of jacks or better to win. And, of course, the better the hand you have, the more you’ll win.

All of this adds up to great fun with video poker. So come to All Slots, a great online casino for Android games, and get even more from your Android.

The online casino for Android is constantly offering great opportunities for casino players.

If you have an Android, then you know how essential this hand-held device feels to your life. Why move away from it to go to a computer for your favourite video poker games or other games?

It simply makes sense to use your Android and to enjoy the great Android games that you find at All Slots Casino.

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