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Blackjack on Blackberry
Blackberry Table Game

Background to Blackberry Blackjack

As you get ready to play Blackjack for Blackberry, keep in mind a number of important suggestions.

    • First of all, since Blackjack includes strategy, you should brush up on your Blackjack skills and learn some blackjack tips. The blackjack strategy tips will help you to do better at the game and to get more from your playing time.
  • Certainly, you should also use demo mode at the Blackberry casino when you first play Blackjack. This will allow you to get more comfortable with the game and to familiarize yourself with it.

Getting into the Blackberry Blackjack Game

As most people who play Blackjack know, the object of the game here is to get 21 and not to go over. Face cards will be worth 10 points and aces are worth 1 or 11. All of the other cards are worth the number that they have on them.

When you play Blackjack for Blackberry at All Slots Casino, you’ll start by placing your bet amount and then clicking Deal.

You’ll get two cards that are both face up and the dealer will get two – one face up and one face down. You’ll decide whether to stand or hit and will then see what your cards are and what the dealer is holding.

Blackberry Casino Fun

Remember, at the Blackberry casino, that you have many of the same opportunities that you have with the online casino. This means that all bonuses, promotions and customer service perks offered at the online casino are also offered at the mobile casino.

Blackberry casino users have 24 hour a day attentive customer service; they can use their device on the go and access their games from anywhere their Blackberry will take them; and they can enjoy an awesome game of Blackjack today!

This is a match made in heaven for people who love their Blackberry and love their Blackjack games. Get in the game and enjoy both today!


If you love playing blackjack, then you’ll love playing Blackjack on your Blackberry.

You can enjoy this game on a Blackberry 9670, the Blackberry 9780 and the Blackberry 9800 to your heart’s content.

Today’s casino games for Blackberry through All Slots Casino include crisp graphics and excellent designs.

The Blackjack casino offers 11 vibrant and exciting games that offer easy access anywhere that you need to and want to be. These casino games for Blackberry can’t be beat and offer great opportunities.

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