Blackberry Royal Derby at All Slots Casino

Royal Derby on Blackberry
Blackberry Horse Racing Game

How to play Blackberry Royal Derby

Royal Derby on Blackberry is a fast paced, interactive, skill based casino game brought to you by Allslotscasino. The first screen you are presented with when beginning your game, shows a lineup of six horses. Along with the names of the horses and the jockeys, you will be informed of the payout odds for each horse and the current weather and track conditions. Clicking on a horse will take you to a second screen, here you will be given more information about the particular horse, the result of the horse’s last five races, and the opportunity to place a bet on this horse.

To bet on a horse when playing Royal Derby on Blackberry, you are given two betting types.

    • The amount of real money you bet on your horse is called your Stake.
    • You then select the Bet Type, here you are given two options, To Win is the bet that your horse will come in first place.
    • The other option is Each Way – this is a combination of a win bet, that your horse will come in first place, and a place bet, that your horse will come in either first or second place.
  • When you are satisfied with your Stake and your Bet Type, you click on OK. You may then pick another horse to bet on if you like. When you are happy with all your bets, you click on the race button, and away we go!

    Winning At Blackberry Royal Derby

    The animated horse race is very realistic and exciting. The player is able to watch the race from start to finish. When the race has finished, a screen will appear with the results of the race.

    • A Win Bet will pay out the posted odds, this means, if your chosen horse has come in first place you will win the posted odds.
    • A Place Bet will pay out at one quarter of the posted odds, this will be the case if your horse will come in second place.

    No need for a trip to the Bookie!

    All Slots Blackberry and Allslotcasino have really delivered a fine day at the races with the Blackberry Royal Derby, all the fun of the race with no need for a trip to the bookie!

Another quality and exciting game from All Slots Blackberry is the Blackberry virtual horse racing game, the Royal Derby.

All the excitement of the races has been brought straight to your mobile with the Royal Derby on Blackberry.

This Blackberry horse racing game is a real money, virtual horse race, that you, the player, can take part in by placing bets on the horse you think is going to win the race.

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