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Keno Strategies and Tips

Keno is basically a guessing game and the numbers are picked randomly, so there will never really be any scientific strategy that can guarantee winning at Keno. Having said that, there are some things the player can do to edge the chances of winning to his favour. The player has the option of picking anywhere from 1 to 15 keno numbers. Important tips on Keno betting include looking at the Keno payout table to see the different payout potentials for the various possibilities of numbers picked, and then making your picks with this in mind.

Perhaps the most important Keno tip is just to have fun whilst you are playing. A great way to do this is by picking your own lucky numbers. These can include family birthdays or ages.

Playing Keno on BlackBerry Is Particularly Enjoyable

Playing Keno on BlackBerry is particularly enjoyable as the screen has been designed specifically to work well on the mobile screen. The game is easy to control using the keypad. Keno on BlackBerry is a game that is of a short duration, each game typically lasts for around a minute so it is particularly suited for playing whenever you have a minute to spare. So, go to and enjoy playing Keno on your BlackBerry device.

All Slots Casino for BlackBerry

All Slots Casino for BlackBerry has a wide range of casino games that can be enjoyed on the BlackBerry device. For a full list of the best casino games for BlackBerry, simply head over to and choose from the selection of slots, table games or even scratch card games.

The game will take just a few short minutes to download and there is a full range of payment options for the player to choose from. The BlackBerry casino offers the player the convenience of playing wherever he may be with the same great quality and sound effects as the online version of the All Slots Casino.

Keno is a largely a game of chance that could be described as a cross between a lottery style and a bingo type casino game. The game of Keno on BlackBerry is played using 80 numbers and their corresponding balls.

The player will need to predict which 20 balls will be picked by the computer to become the winning balls. The player will have the option of choosing up to 15 balls that he hopes will correlate to the winning balls.

The more winning numbers that the player will pick the more the player will win.

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