A Thrilling Horse Racing Game for iPad

Horse Racing Game on iPad
iPad Casino Game

How to Play Royal Derby on iPad

In this second screen bets can also be placed. There are two types of bets in this horse racing game for iPad: a Win bet and a Place bet. After you pick your horse in Royal Derby on iPad, you may place a straight Win Bet, or you can bet Each Way for a combination Win bet and Place bet.

It is also possible to place bets on more than one horse. The Win bet pays out the full odds advertised if the chosen horse comes in first place.

A Place bet pays out one quarter of the posted odds if the horse finishes in the top two. Once the bets have been placed all that remains is to click on OK and then the Race button. The race then commences with excitement as the horses charge ahead and their progress can be followed with excitement and vigour on the screen.

The Advantages of the iPad Casino

Playing at the iPad casino offers many advantages; of course the lightweight big screen that can be carried around anywhere is one of the major pluses. Using the touch controls to choose which horse or horses to bet on and to start the race gives each player a definite feeling of involvement.

Access to the game is instant and there is no waiting around for downloading, as long as you have the Internet access or 3G access on your iPad. Additionally when playing the horse racing game for iPad at Allslotcasino generous promotions and bonus offers for new and existing players are given together with around-the-clock customer support and service and easy to use banking options.

Royal Derby is a unique horse racing game for iPad that can be played for fun or real money at Allslotcasino. This game is but one of the wide range of casino games for iPad that are offered by the All Slots.

It is a fun and exciting game that is unlike any of the other games. Choosing the game on the iPad by means of the touch controls will reveal a screen with six different horses.

The odds for each horse are revealed together the weather and track conditions for that day’s race. By clicking on each of the horses more information is revealed including the name of the jockey, the history and results of the past 5 races that he has run, and general comments on the horse’s performance.

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