iPhone Major Millions at All Slots Casino

Major Millions on iPhone
iPhone Progressive Slots Game

The Major Millions Progressive Jackpot

When you get to the mobile site of All Slots Online Casino, you’ll see that you have a number of choices of exciting iPhone slots games. Each of these games offers great fun and chances to win real jackpots.

iPhone Major Millions is a progressive 3 reel iPhone slots game, with one of the biggest jackpots of any game in the online casino for iPhone, worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, pounds, Euros, or kroner. The iPhone progressive slot format means that, as you play, you see the jackpot grow and grow with every player that joins in the game. And this means an ever-increasing jackpot that could be yours if you get lucky enough.

Winning at iPhone Major Millions

With Major Millions, you’ll be able to wager as many as three coins and each one of those coins opens up another payline. And, of course, the more that you wager at the All Slots Online Casino, the more chances you have to win. You’ll see traditional symbols with Major Millions including cherries, red 7s, and others.

And even small wins enable you to enjoy bringing something home. For instance, a single cherry gets you two coins, and if you hit on three cherries, you’ll get 15 coins. If you see three Major Millions symbols on the first payline, you’ll get 25,000 coins, and on the second you’ll be rewarded with 50,000. Of course, if you get those three Major Millions symbols on the third payline, you’ll have won the Major Millions progressive jackpot and will really rake in the big money.

Great Perks with the 3 Reel iPhone Slots Game

Keep in mind that when you play Major Millions at the All Slots online casino for iPhone, you’ll also have all of the promotions and bonuses that you’d have with the online game. This means that you can enjoy the mobility and convenience of the mobile game while still getting the benefits that All Slots has to offer other players. Get ready for an awesome military adventure with Major Millions mobile today!

Get ready for the army — and ready for a great time trying to win at slots — with iPhone Major Millions.

This is one of the great slots games on iPhone like Mega Moolah and many others.

They all offer great graphics, chances to win amazing jackpots, and the mobility that you can only find on a mobile casino game.

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