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There are currently two different iPhone scratch cards available at Allslotscasino. One is called Bingo Bonanza. It is similar in concept to a classic scratch card.

  • Simply hit the play button in the middle of the screen and watch the bingo balls roll into place.
  • Match any two balls, and win. Get two no.
  • 5 balls and your winnings are multiplied five times your bet.
  • Get two 20,000 balls and your winnings are multiplied a whopping 20,000 times!

The second game is called Dragon’s Fortune.

  • Its prizes are similar and it is also based on a single match between two balls to win. But the game features a fire-breathing dragon shooting the balls at a gong.
  • Match two balls of the same colour and you win a nice multiplier.

Both games can be played for real money or for practice on your iPhone directly through the site.

Visit the All Slots iPhone Casino

There are lots of good reasons to try out the iPhone casino at All Slots, which offers the best iPhone casino games on the market. Mobile casino games are fun to play, and they are available whenever the mood strikes because your iPhone is virtually always connected to the Internet.

That means you can play your favourite mobile casino games any time, even when a computer isn’t available, like when you are on the beach, in line at the bank, or on a train coming home from work.

With instant win scratch cards, the games are perfect when you are short on time because the games are so quick to play. So give it a try. If you enjoy scratch cards, you’ll love playing them on your iPhone.

When people think about mobile casino games, they tend to imagine card games, five reel slots games, or maybe even the majestic Roulette wheel – the icon of the casino experience.

But at Allslotscasino, the fun doesn’t stop there. The All Slots iPhone Casino offers all those games as well as two types of iPhone scratch cards.

The scratch card games fit perfectly in the iPhone screen, and offer instant winnings. You can play the scratch cards over and over without having to run out and buy more cards – and without even having to download any apps to your phone. You can play them directly on your iPhone through the All Slots iPhone Casino.

Just visit the site and you can try your luck. All you need is one match to win.

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