Jacks or Better Video Poker for iPod

Jacks Or Better Explained

The Jacks Or Better game at Allslots allows users a user-friendly game that includes vivid graphics and interesting playing choices. It’s just like playing at the online version of the game – only you can enjoy video poker for iPod anywhere that you take your iPod with you.

And that creates a great deal of freedom for players. The Jacks or Better game is a classic video poker game. The object is to get the strongest hand based on the cards you’ve got. And that

Playing Jacks or Better

When you start to play video poker for iPod, you’ll first adjust the coin size bet.

    • Then tap Deal to start to play and you’ll get five cards.
    • You can tap the cards that you want to hold and then Draw to get rid of the cards you didn’t want and to get new cards.
    • Then, it’s time to see if you’ve won at Jacks or Better. If you do have a win, you then have a choice. With All Slots Casino for iPod poker, you can then double to try to double your winning or collect to get your payout.

Doubling with Jacks or Better

If you’ve won and you want to double, you’ll tap on the Double word and will see five new cards that are dealt. One is face up and it’s the dealer’s. The other four that are turned down are for you to choose from – pick one to reveal a value and to see if you card is of higher value than the dealer’s. If it is, you’ve doubled your win and can try to double gain or to collect;

If you’ve tied with the dealer then you don’t win double but you can either try to double again or collect your original amount;

If your card is of lesser value then the game is over and you can start a new hand.

All of this adds up to great fun with Allslots and with video poker for iPod. Get in the game today on one of the easiest hand-held devices that you can enjoy!

Allslots offers many ways to enjoy your playing time. You can play at the online casino. You can also greatly enjoy playing from a mobile device of your choice, one of which is the iPod.

Many people can’t imagine living without their iPods these days, and nowadays they can now use them for even one more activity. And that’s to play at the All Slots Casino for iPod site and to enjoy games like Jacks Or Better as they do so.

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