Jacks or Better on Mobile at All Slots

It is a great thrill to be able to play casino games and now with the incredible advanced technology that is available, you can play all sorts of mobile casino games including mobile video poker at All Slots Mobile Casino.

The mobile video poker offered at Allslots casino is mobile Jacks Or Better which as the name implies is a game where you need to try and land a pair of Jacks or more in order to have a winning hand.

The beauty of playing this game at the Allslots Casino on your Smartphone is that together with the excellent quality of the game and rich graphics you also receive all of the supplementary services of the casino which include excellent customer support, generous bonus promotions for new and existing players, and full security for all your transactions.

Play Mobile Video Poker for Fun or Real Money at Allslots Casino

At All Slots Mobile the game of mobile Jacks Or Better is very simple and easy to understand. You can also opt to play for fun or practice before you place real money bets which gives you a chance to get to know the game. The basis of mobile Jacks or Better is the same as the main casino game where the aim of the game is to land the highest hand of cards with the five cards that you are dealt.

  • After placing your first bet, where you can place up to five coins per round, you are dealt five cards. At this stage you can choose to keep some of the cards or discard some in the hope that the next cards dealt to you will be better.
  • The aim is to end up with the highest poker hand. The highest hand when playing mobile Jacks Or Better is a Royal Flush which is made up of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 all of the same suit of cards.

Benefits of the Smartphone for Mobile Jacks or Better

At All Slots Casino the benefits speak for themselves. Once you have started playing at this exciting online casino you will totally understand and appreciate the extraordinary benefits that a mobile casino offers and especially All Slots Mobile.

Using your Smartphone, you can access the games from anywhere in the world. The games can be managed with the touch controls of your phone and the comfort and convenience of the games speak for themselves.

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