Mobile Casino Games: Scratch ‘n’ Score

But here’s where the fun comes in. All the Scratch ‘n’ Score symbols are related to your favorite sport, and they all have multipliers attached to them. The football jersey has a 1X multiplier, the football shoe has 2X, and the referee’s whistle has 5X. A white football is 10X, while a gold football is 20X.

The Championship Cup is, appropriately, the champion Scratch ‘n’ Score symbol with a 50X multiplier.

Winning at Mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score

If you uncover on three of the same symbol on your mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score card, you win the amount of your wager times the multiplier associated with your winning symbol. With a £10 wager and three Championship Cups, you will be a mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score champion and have an instant £500 in your pocket. You can score big with mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score, the only mobile gambling game for football fans.

Mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score is the football-themed mobile scratch card. If you love football and you enjoy playing mobile casino games, you’re sure to love playing mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score at All Slots Mobile Casino.

How to Play Mobile Scratch ‘n Score

Playing mobile Scratch ‘n’ Score in the mobile casino is just as easy as playing a regular mobile scratch card game. You just push one button to receive a new Scratch ‘n’ Score card, and then push another button to reveal the hidden symbols.

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