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Monster Hunt – win your share of €400,000

Monster Hunt Promotion at All Slots Online Casino

Another month, another fantastic promotion at Fortune Lounge Casinos!

This October, All Slots Casino – the best place for online gambling, is giving you a chance to win your share of €400,000 in instant prizes while hunting monsters…   

The Monster Hunt premise is simple: you can win guaranteed prizes such as Free Spins, casino credits and Rewards points for every monster you unlock when you play at the casino throughout the promotional period: 3rd October – 5th November 2017!

How to enter:

  • Log into your All Slots Online Casino account 
  • Find the Monster Hunt message on the My Promotions page
  • To take part in this promotion, click Start Hunting
  • For every monster you unlock, you’ll receive the previously mentioned guaranteed prizes

Monster Hunt Promotion at All Slots Online Casino

Rules of the hunt:

  • There are no special tools like silver billets of garlick necklaces needed (sorry guys )
  • Simply play your favourite casino games and earn Rewards points to fill up the Monster Meter.
  • Each time you unlock a monster, you win an instant prize!
  • There are 60 monsters in total that are hidden in a book.
  • If you manage to catch all of them and complete the monster book, you’ll receive an Ultimate Hunter prize at the end of the promotion…

Are you ready to join the hunt?

Bonus read: 2 Great Monster Hunters you probably never heard about:

  • Finn and Jake, Adventure Time

As the resident heroes of the land of Ooo, Finn and Jake fight monsters, rescue princesses, perform tasks, settle disputes, and otherwise challenge themselves with feats of exploration and physical accomplishment.

  • Elsa Bloodstone, Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.

Take Hellboy and make him a human chick with an amulet that gives her strength and invulnerability. You’re getting close to Elsa Bloodstone. She survived being raised by her monster hunter father by being able to best archdemons at less than a year old. With a spoon. She had a robot nanny that tortured her when she failed monster-fact pop quizzes. She carries around a guitar case with two uzis and a rifle in it…