Monsters in the Closet Online Slots

Monsters in the Closet is an online slot machine that was specially made for Halloween but is equally fun to play all year round. It features 50 paylines, 7 unbelievably adorable monsters, 6 ever-vigilant eyeballs, 2 scatter symbols and 2 bonus games, a wild symbol, and some jaunty background music to keep you entertained. In short, it has everything you could ask for in an online slots game.

The Monsters Are the Stars of this Online Slot Game

Monsters in the Closet online casino slots features seven of the most adorable monsters you’ll ever meet. These monsters are definitely more comical than scary, especially when they form a winning slots combination and break out into a little dance in time with the jaunty background music. Furry, Blow Fish, Eyeballs, Blob, Sock, Imp, and Baby Dragon – you just can’t help falling in love with all the monsters in this online slot game.

What is scary, though, is the eyeballs. There are two of them at the top of the online slot machine, two on the left side, and two on the right. They are always moving, always watching, and always giving you a deliciously creepy feeling whenever you play Monsters in the Closet slots online.

Play Two Monstrous Online Slots Bonus Games

Monsters in the Closet online slots features not one but two scatter symbols. Of course, scatter symbols are always a wonderful thing when youplay slots online. They mean you can win at slots even when your winning symbols are not on a payline. But these scatter symbols are extra-wonderful because they also trigger a couple of terrific bonus games.

Three or more Door Knocker scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins bonus game, in which you get 12 free spins with all payouts tripled. You have big tripled-value payouts to win, and absolutely nothing to lose, when you play the Free Spins bonus game.

Three or more Skeleton Key scatter symbols trigger the Monsters’ Closet bonus game. In the Monsters’ Closet bonus game, you get to pick a door, behind which you will find either a monster, who will award you a random multiplier value on the spot; the Scary Slam icon, which activates the Scary Slam bonus game; or the Atlas icon, which activates the Haunted Destination bonus game. All of the bonus games are fun to play and award big slots jackpots.

Have Fun Playing Slots Online with the Monsters in the Closet

Whether it’s Halloween or any regular day of the year, you’re always welcome to come to All Slots Online Casino and play Monsters in the Closet online slots with the most adorable monsters ever seen. You’re sure to have fun, and you could win some big online slots jackpots too!

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