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Online Multi-Player Slots

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Playing online slots is great fun. What could be better than playing all the online slot machines, with all their themes and characters, their jackpots and bonus games? Well, how about playing online slots together with your friends? That’s what multi-player online slots is all about.

Welcome to the Multi-Player Virtual Slots Room

Multi-player slots — also known as Community Slots — is a form of online slot machine game that you play in a virtual slots room with other online slots players. While you’re playing the slots, you can chat with the other players and keep an eye on their spins and their winnings. And when it comes to playing the slots bonus round, you can all participate and win bonus jackpots together.

Up to six people can play in each virtual slots room. You can organize a group of your friends to log in at the same time and play slots together as a social gaming activity. Or you can just log in by yourself, join a room, start chatting, and make some new friends with a common interest inplaying slots online.

Community Slots Is Not a Slots Tournament

Don’t get confused between multi-player community slots and a multi-player slots tournament. Yes, they both involve playing online slot gameswith other people. But in an online slots tournament, you are competing against the other slots players. Only one of you can win the tournament, and your goal is to beat the other guy.

Community slots is completely different. In multi-player community slots, you are cooperating with your fellow slots players. When you play community slots, you can all be winners. So you can keep a watchful eye on everybody’s spins and keep the chat board humming with congratulations when they do well and with encouraging comments when they are doing not-so-well. And when the slots bonus game is activated, you can all win big slots jackpots together.

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Playing Multiplayer Slots at All Slots

All Slots Casino offers a fine selection of online multiplayer slots games. For example:

Wheel of Wealth Multiplayer Slots features the sports car, the diamonds, the gold, and other symbols of great wealth, and, most exciting of all, Wheel of Wealth Multi-Player Slots has the randomly activated Wheel of Wealth Bonus Game. That’s where all the qualified players in the room get to pick a place at the Wheel of Wealth and win a guaranteed bonus when the wheel completes its spin. There is a true community spirit when you win your own bonus jackpot and see your friends picking up their own bonus jackpots at the same time. It’s one of the best sensations you can experience when you play slot machines online.

No Worries Multiplayer Slots, the Australian-themed online multiplayer slot game, has colourful and comical Wombats and Wallabies and Platypuses and other denizens of Down Under, along with the boomerang and the ever-present can of Aussie beer. In addition to your regular slots winnings, each spin of the reels can award you special Bonus Points. The Jackpot Wheel spins automatically every few minutes and awards automatic Bonus Jackpots to the top 10 players in each virtual slots room according to their accumulated Bonus Points.

Isis Multiplayer Slots has gorgeous images of the fertility goddess Isis and other symbols from Egyptian mythology. It also has a special Free Spins Multiplier symbol. Then, when any player in the community slots room gets the two Hawk symbols that trigger the Free Spins bonus, all of the players in the room get the free spins and get to use their accumulated Multipliers to increase their online slots winnings. There is nothing like shared free spins to bring a feeling of true community spirit to the online slots casino.

Escape from the Loneliness of the Online Slots Player

Come to All Slots Online Casino and play some multi-player slots today. Escape from the loneliness of the online slots player and experience the joy of social gaming as you and your slot-playing friends play together and go after those slots jackpots together. Welcome to the online multi-player slots community.