Online Multi-Hand Three-Card Poker

If online 3-Card Poker is two exciting online casino games in one, then Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker must actually be ten exciting online casino games in one. Regardless of how the maths work out, one thing is for sure: Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker and Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker Goldprovide a lot of online casino entertainment and excitement along with many chances to win real cash payouts.

Playing Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker

The Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker table has five betting areas on the felt, allowing you to play up to five 3-Card Poker hands in one game. Each hand is played independently. This means that for each hand you can decide to play Pair Plus, to play Ante and Play, or to play both games together, and you are free to bet the same amount or different amounts on each hand.

After you place your bets, you click Deal. You will receive three cards face up in each of the betting areas that you bet on, up to five 3-card hands in total. The dealer will receive one 3-card poker hand face down. If you are playing the Ante and Play part of 3-Card Poker, you make a decision to fold or to play independently on each of your 3-card hands.

Finally, the dealer’s cards are turned over and the outcome of the game is determined. When luck is shining brightly upon you, you can win all five hands. At other times, you might lose them all. Most often, you will probably find that you win on some of your hands and lose on others. It is all a question of luck and strategy, and that is what makes online casino gambling so exciting.

Multi-Hand Three-Card Poker: Regular and Gold

Just as single-hand Three-Card Poker can be played as regular online Three-Card Poker or as online Three-Card Poker Gold, so too with Multi-Hand Three-Card Poker. All Slots Casino offers both regular Multi-Hand Three-Card Poker and Multi-Hand Three-Card Poker Gold.

The rules, the payouts, and the odds are the same in both versions. What differs is the look and feel of the game, the graphics and the sound effects. Which version appeals most to you will depend on your personality and your sense of aesthetics. So try them both and see which you like best.

Five Times the Online Casino Fun

Regardless of whether you choose regular Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker or Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker Gold, you will find that playing 3-Card Poker online the multi-hand way invariably means five times the online casino fun, five times the online casino excitement, and five times the chances to win real money payouts. Play Multi-Hand 3-Card Poker at All Slots Online Casino for the most 3-Card Poker fun and the most 3-Card Poker excitement.

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