Online Multi-Player Roulette

It’s always fun to play roulette online, but it’s even more exciting when you share the fun with other online roulette players and get to observe their betting patterns, cheer on each other’s wins, and even chat between spins. These are the added roulette thrills you can experience with online Multi-Player Roulette at All Slots Casino.

Multiplayer Roulette on the European Roulette Wheel

Online Multiplayer Roulette at All Slots Casino is played with a European roulette wheel. This is the roulette wheel with only a single zero pocket that gives players better odds of winning. In addition to the regular Inside Bets and Outside Bets that you expect in an online roulette game, there is also a Bets Track that allows you to place Neighbour Bets and Call Bets for more options and more chances to win at roulette.

Pick Your Multi-Player Roulette Table

You will find three roulette tables to choose from when you enter the Multi-Player Online Roulette room at All Slots Casino. At one table, the croupier spins the roulette wheel every 20 seconds. This is for online roulette players who want action-action-action with the adrenaline always pumping. At another table, the wheel is spun every 60 seconds. This is for players who want time to contemplate before placing their bets and time for the suspense to build up before the winning roulette number is finally selected. Finally, there is the 40-second roulette table. This is the table for those, like Goldilocks, who like their roulette action neither too fast nor too slow but just right.

Interacting with the Online Roulette Players

The best part of Multi-Player Roulette — what sets it apart from regular online roulette games — is the chance to interact with your fellow online roulette players. Every player at the roulette table is given chips of a different colour, so it is easy to see who is placing which roulette bets and for how much and who is winning and who is losing. You could even pick up some good ideas just from observing how others play their online roulette game.

There is even a Chat box for even more direct communications with fellow players. You can congratulate each other’s wins, commiserate with each other’s losses, and exchange roulette strategy tips. Remember, you are not competing against the other players at the table; you are all sharing the online casino experience together and trying to win together, so it is to everybody’s benefit to help each other out as much as you can.

And there is no law that says the online Multiplayer Roulette chat room has to be limited to roulette. You can chat about the ups and downs in your life, your family, your job, or whatever is on your mind, and actually make new friends while chatting around the virtual roulette table.

Enjoy Interactive Online Casino Gaming

Multi-Player Roulette introduces a whole new level of interactivity to the world of online casino games. Instead of just playing solo — you against the casino — you can become a part of the online casino community with all the good feelings that that can bring. So play Multi-Player Roulette at All Slots and experience all the thrills and all the good fellowship and camaraderie that multi-player online casino gambling can bring.

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