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Our Days Brings Manga And Anime To You

Update: As of 20 June 2019, the online slot game Our Days, will not be available to play on All Slots Casino.

Our Days 2Source: Microgaming

On June 19, your slots experience will start to take on a pink and purple glow. A high school in the background with cherry blossoms and butterflies will make you feel young and romantic again. You’ll notice an influx of shiny teenage skin, wide eyes, and lustrous brown hair. And symbols will start to include diaries, love notes, origami stars, scarves, and bento boxes. If you’re starting to think I’m taking about anime at All Slots Casino, you’re right. The teen girls of  Our Days are coming to your gaming screens, and once they land, I think you’ll want to keep them around.


A Short History of Manga And Anime

There aren’t many slot games with this theme, even though high school nostalgia and high school romance are trending at an all-time high. Microgaming set out to make a game that would appeal to both men and women of all ages, and they’ve done that with anime. If you exist on the internet, the stylings of manga won’t be new to you—the big eyes, tiny chins, short skirts, and soft color palettes. But you should know a little bit about the history of the genre before you start spinning.

Japanese animation first appeared around 1917, and anime creators were heavily influenced by the Disney animation, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” twenty years later. Anime first started to leave Japan around 1960 with exports to European markets, and then the genre made its American debut around 1980. Basically, this game has been a long time coming.

Characters And Facial Expressions

In anime, artists work from a set of eight standard facial expressions to depict emotion. The art focuses less on action and more on characters and their feelings. The facial expressions include: boredom, enthusiasm, happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, sulking, and confusion. Look for those on the faces of our characters as you play Our Days. Speaking of characters, you’ll meet five in Our Days. The premium symbols include Joy, Nana, Lolita, Amber, and Juliet. Juliet pays out the highest of them all. These characters are high schoolers in the blushes of first love. They’ll take you around with them so you can feel it each time their hearts swell with new affection. And with that new love, you’ll hit new wins.

Our DaysSource: Microgaming

Back To Basics

High School is a time to establish yourself and the most basic parts of your character. You might learn how to love and flirt for the first time, and you might start to understand what your basic interests are. Let’s get down to the basics of Our Days so you can prepare to re-enter that universe. In this game, you can win up to $90,000.00. That’s a lot of zeros. With five reels of three rows each, you can win in 243 different ways. As far as Scatters are concerned, you’ll find them to be multiplied by your total bets. Scatters pay in whatever position they end up in, and they’ll trigger Re-Spins when you’re playing in the base game. When you Re-Spin and don’t land on a winning symbol, you’ll automatically Re-Spin. Then, any wins you hit during Re-Spins will trigger more Re-Spins. So, basically, this game will trigger cascading wins that will make you want to never leave high school.

Free Spins And Scatters

In Our Days, you’ll use Scatter Symbols to get Free Spins. If you’re new to the slots and using this game to try your hand (which I highly recommend since payout on this game is high at 96.3% and volatility is low), you might be wondering what a Scatter is. In the world of slots, Scatter symbols are widely considered the slot player’s best friend. Usually, Scatters are represented by special symbols. In this game, the Scatter is a wind up toy of a boy and girl preparing to kiss (high school romance)! Unlike regular symbols that have to line up to win, Scatters pay out in any position on the board. In this game, landing 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols in any positions will win 8, 10, or 12 Free Spins, respectively. The best part: those Free Spins will only include High Symbols, and Scatter wins are multiplied by your total bets.

All Slots Prepares For Summer

What do teens do when high school is out for the summer? They play around with each other and try to make money. They flirt and play to get themselves through long, hot days until school starts again. What a better time, then, to log on to All Slots this summer to play along with them? You won’t regret this dip back into high school nostalgia with your new anime friends.