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New Game Release – Cash of Kingdoms!

Cash of Kingdoms slotIt’s that time again when the powers that be unveil a new casino game to the masses. That game is Cash of Kingdoms, or as I prefer to call it, Ca$h of Kingdoms. Microgaming, makers of online casino gaming content for a bazillion years already, are at it once again, and they’ve done everyone a favour by giving this new game a dual release. This means that Cash of Kingdoms will be available as both an online video slot game and a mobile slot game. If you’re a serious slots player then you really cannot ask for more from a content publisher. If you’re at home, you can play the online version on your laptop, be that on the couch or in bed. A laptop allows you to take in the game as it’s meant to be viewed and enjoyed while a smartphone is ideal for when you’re out and about. Although having said that, I won’t be surprised if you settle for playing it almost entirely on your smartphone. We tend to do most things on our smartphones these days, and today’s video slot games actually look pretty darn good on smartphone devices. But enough about which device you’ll use, let’s talk about the game itself.

Fantasy Meets Adventure

Cash of Kingdoms combines two genres into one, namely fantasy and adventure. If you’re a seasoned slots player and you know your Microgaming casino games, then you’ve probably got certain expectations. Microgaming are known to follow a certain formula, although in this new game, made in conjunction with Slingshot Studios, they’ve invented a new feature – Invading Wilds™. Along with the usual goodies that Microgaming packs into their video slot games, this new feature is sure to add that extra bit of potential winning ‘oomph’ we all so seek whenever we play these games of chance. As I mentioned, the theme is fantasy meets adventure, and it is conveyed by way of its cartoony images in pristine graphics, delivered by the highest quality of sounds.

Meet the Team

If you’re going to play to win, then you’re going to need all the help you can get. Luckily, Cash of Kingdoms comes with a slew of interesting characters, all handpicked from the classic fantasy genre. There’s the dashing Knight, the magical Mage, the crafty Rogue, the feisty Archer and the bearded Bombardier. Each character is imbued with an outstanding personality; the Microgaming artists are on form as usual, and each one carries his and her own monetary value.

The Real Stars of the Show

If you’ve ever played a slots game before, or maybe I should say enough times, then you’ll know that when you peel away the layers, there are only two real stars of the show. In saying this, I’m not trying to take away from the cool characters you encounter on the reels, their monetary value or their entertainment value. In fact, if you’re really lucky and you get one of the main characters in a row on a fixed payline, then you’re in for a serious payday. However, let’s be frank, how often does that happen?  Yes, it can, and it does, but I know that the symbols more likely to give you that bang-for-buck action you so seek lies with the Wild and Scatter symbols, and in the case of Cash of Kingdoms, the Cash of Kingdoms logo and the Treasure Chest personify them. The former is the Wild and the latter is the Scatter symbol.

Wild & Scatter Features

At the end of the day, a lot of potential profit you stand to get comes from the Wild and Scatter symbols. Cash of Kingdoms forgoes the commonly used ways and relies on a fixed number of paylines, in this case 15.  All your wins are procured from left to right, except for the Scatter symbol, which can assign wins regardless of its position. The Wild symbol can serve you in various capacities. On a fixed payline, it can substitute the rest of the symbols to create a better outcome and it will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. Cash of Kingdoms is notable for its Invading Wilds™ and what this basically means is that if a full stack of Wilds (three wilds on top each other) appears on reels 2, 3 or 4, the adjacent  row will become completely wild too.

We can’t talk about video slot games without talking about free spins and this is where the Scatter symbol comes into to play. Visually defined by the Treasure Chest, it is capable of giving your bank balance that extra oomph. Land just 3 Scatter symbols and you’ll unlock 10 free spins with an extra one awarded each time another Treasure Chest lands on the reels. At the very end of it all, this game, if you’re really lucky, can payout a total of 100 000 coins.

To Conclude…

For the longest time Microgaming have created games steeped in adventure. Once again, adventure has a new name and that name is Cash of Kingdoms!