All Slots Launches Intense Fight Club Promotion!

All Slots Casino Press Desk

All Slots has come up with a compelling way to introduce a fresh sense of competitive fun into the casino with Fight Club. The new promotion is slated to run for two months throughout August and September. Each Fight Club round lasts a whole week, and pits two popular slot games against each other for players to compete for prizes. The two “fighting” slot games change every week, so each round of Fight Club is a fresh competition for players. The game that ends up with a higher percentage of total bets will earn its top ten players double prizes.

During Fight Club, All Slots will hand out over $2925 in prize money plus 2000 free spins at the end of every round. The top player on the champion slot game will take home $400, double what the top player on the runner up slot game takes home. After the top ten players on each slot are paid in money, the top 50 runners up will get a consolation prize of 20 free spins each.  Players can check the constantly updating scoreboard to see where they stand in the rankings at any given moment. The games’ winning percentages are also shown so they can switch games, or play harder to upset the balance and walk away winners. Fight Club is sure to prove a unique and exciting promotion. If players like it, All Slots may run it again towards the end of the year or the beginning of 2012.

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