All Slots Brings Blackjack Tournaments to the Internet

All Slots Casino Press Desk

All Slots Online Casino has long been justly renowned as the home of the best multi-player online slots tournaments. But not so many people know about the All Slots blackjack tournaments, which are just as exciting and just as much fun to play.

The key to the excitement of blackjack tournament play is the knowledge that you are not only playing to beat the dealer, you are also playing to beat the other players in the tournament. In ordinary blackjack, if you start off with $2,500 and a half hour later you had $2,700, you’d be doing great. Who wouldn’t be happy to earn $200 in half an hour? And if the guy next to you at the blackjack table had $2,800, it wouldn’t affect you at all, except that if you are a nice person you would feel happy for his good fortune.

Not so in a blackjack tournament. In a tournament, your goal is not only to come out ahead of where you started, but to come out ahead of that guy sitting next to you. That’s where the excitement of friendly but nevertheless real competition comes in. It gets your adrenaline flowing as you think carefully about your betting strategy to come out on top and win the tournament prize money.

The other great thing about playing in an online blackjack tournament is that there is so little to lose. If you pay a $5 entrance fee to a tournament and you get bad hand after bad hand and lose all your chips, what have you really lost? Only the $5 entrance fee. Those 2,500 chips you lost don’t really mean anything. And what you’ve gained is the fun of playing blackjack online and the chance to observe your fellow blackjack players and perhaps even learn something from them. And that can be priceless.

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