Poker Player Wins €600,000 Pot at All Slots

Matej B hits the jackpot with a Royal Flush at Caribbean Draw Poker.

It’s been said many times but it still bears repeating: There is a lot more to All Slots than just slots. And no one knows it better than Matej B who just won a jackpot of almost 600,000 Euros — €594,923.33 to be exact — playing online poker in the casino.

Playing Caribbean Draw Poker Gold

Matej resides in Zagreb, the capital and largest city of Croatia, and his chosen game is Caribbean Draw Poker Gold. This is an exciting online poker game of luck and strategy with both a main game and a bonus game. In the main game, your goal is to beat the dealer with a winning poker hand. You start the game with five cards face up and the dealer gets one card face up and four face down. You have options — this is where the poker strategy comes in — to fold, stand, or draw. The dealer’s cards are then turned over, the hands are compared, and a winner is declared. Winning payouts in the base game go as high as 100 times your bet.

The Caribbean Draw Poker Gold Bonus Game

But it is in the bonus game that Caribbean Draw Poker Gold gets really exciting. The bonus game starts with a bonus bet of one credit: in Matej’s case, that means one Euro. Jackpots are awarded based on the player’s original 5-card poker hand, before any draw and without regard to the dealer’s cards. Bonus jackpots start at 4 credits for a hand of two pairs, move up to higher jackpots for three of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, four of a kind, and a straight flush, and culminate with the progressive jackpot for a Royal Flush.

Winning the Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot is a jackpot that starts big and grows even bigger every time a player places a bonus bet in Caribbean Draw Poker Gold at All Slots Casino or any other online casino. It had progressed to 594,923.33 credits when Matej B hit the Royal Flush and hit the jackpot. It was then reset to its starting level and immediately started growing again and has already reached 179,000 credits as of the time of this writing. Some lucky player can hit a Royal Flush at any time and take all this money home for the holidays.

Congratulations to Matej B

The management and staff of All Slots Online Casino congratulate Matej B on his big jackpot win and wishes him — and all All Slots players — continued luck in the casino.

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