Three Australian Players Win Big with Mega Moolah Isis at All Slots Casino

It all happened suddenly, almost as if it had been planned. Except it wasn’t. It was just one of those amazing things that can occur with games of chance in the online casino.

First, on 26 February, Samantha R of Adelaide won 40,186 Australian dollars at the Mega Moolah Isis progressive online slots game at All Slots Casino. Then, on 28 February, Kerry R of South Morang won 37,340 AUD at the same game in the same casino. And the very next day – the leap year day of February 29th – Kym R of Geelong won 18,589 AUD playing Mega Moolah Isis in the no-download All Slots Instant Casino.

That’s three big jackpots, all from Mega Moolah Isis slots, all at All Slots Casino, all won by Australians whose surnames begin with R, and all within the final four days of a leap-year February. No movie director could think up a better plot than that.

And no movie director could possibly come up with a better online slot machine than Mega Moolah Isis, a fantastic merger of two fine online slot games. From Isis online slots, it takes the gorgeous graphic images evoking the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, including Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, the Eye of Horus, the Royal Sceptre, the Sarcophagus, the Knoptic Jar, and the Lotus Carving. From Mega Moolah online slots, it takes the Jackpot Wheel bonus game leading to four ever-increasing progressive jackpots. The result is the one and only Mega Moolah Isis, the online slot machine game that paid off big for our three Australian friends in the final days of leap-year February.

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