Karate Pig Is the Latest Slots Sensation at All Slots

Karate Pig, All Slots Casino’s newest online slot machine, was introduced on 4 April and created an immediate sensation. The whole casino gambling world wanted to know: What in the world is a Karate Pig? In the short time since then, they have discovered that Karate Pig is a delightful online slot game with a comical theme, big payouts, and innovative bonus features that has entertained hundreds of online slot players and awarded big 1000-credit jackpots to nine luck winners from around the world.

The Karate Pig Online Slot Machine

So what, after all, is a Karate Pig? A Karate Pig is a colourful multi-talented Japanese cartoon pig. The brilliantly zany images on the Karate Pig slot machine depict the pig as a Karate champion and a Samurai warrior and a sushi chef, with more images showing him playing the 3-stringed shamisen, performing the tea ceremony, and enjoying a little too much sake. That’s a lot to ask of one pig, but Karate Pig is up to the challenge, and in a most entertaining way.

Of course, an online slots game does not become a success with comical images alone. Karate Pig also offers big payouts, stacked wilds, and the Pork Chop Bonus Game and the Hammer Bonus Game. It is the whole package that has made Karate Pig slots an instant success at All Slots.

Some Karate Pig Online Slots Winners

Karate Pig has already, in just its first two weeks in the casino, awarded some nice jackpots of over a thousand credits to players from all over the world. The top Karate Pig winners so far are Nancy D of Rawdon, Quebec, who won 4535 Canadian dollars, and Mark M of Orange, New South Wales, who won 3350 Australian dollars.

All Slots Casino congratulates Nancy and Mark and all the other winners and reminds everybody that you too can join the Karate Pig sensation, enjoy the zany Karate Pig character, and perhaps become a big Karate Pig winner yourself when you play slots online at All Slots.

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