All Slots Invites Everyone to Play Pontoon Online

You don’t have to travel to Great Britain any more to play a good game of Pontoon. All Slots Casino brings online Pontoon to you, wherever you are in the world.

If you’re used to playing online blackjack, you might want to try playing online Pontoon for a change. Pontoon is the UK version of blackjack. The main idea of pontoon is the same as blackjack: you want to beat the dealer by getting a hand of cards that is closer to 21, but without going over. But there are also some differences that you will need to learn.

First of all, you will need to learn the Pontoon vocabulary. In Pontoon, you don’t “stand” or “hit” or “double down”; you “stick” or twist” or “buy”. And if you’re first two cards total 21, it’s not a “blackjack”; it’s a “Pontoon”.

Then there are the unique Pontoon rules. To start with the bad news, both of the dealer’s cards are face down and the dealer wins all ties. These are not good rules from the player’s point of view, but there are other rules that are advantageous to the player and more than compensate.

A Pontoon pays out at 2-to-1 odds, significantly better than the 3-to-2 payout in blackjack. And the game of pontoon has the “5-card trick”, which is any non-busted hand with five cards. A 5-card trick beats any dealer’s hand except a Pontoon, even a hand of higher numerical value, and pays out at 2-to-1.

The rules of Pontoon also allow you to Buy with two, three, or four cards in your hand. This is a distinct advantage over the rules of blackjack, which allow you to Double Down only on your first two cards.

Pontoon is a popular game in the UK, and its popularity is now spreading around the globe as more and more people take advantage of the opportunity to play Pontoon online and see what a fun and exciting casino game it really is.

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