Money Mad Monkey and Multi-bet Baccarat Gold Join All Slots Casino

Money Mad Monkey Cash-crazy monkeys race to the top in this 5 reel, 20 payline online video slot game that is packed to the treetops with bonuses. Bananas are wild, while no less than three different bonus games dangle big winnings before players looking for a big win: Barrel Pick, Trail Climb and Free Spins. Three or more Monkey Climb Symbols trigger the Money Climb Bonus Game, where you spin the monkey up the prize ladder to pick juicy cash prizes. Three or more Barrel symbols take you to another bonus game, where you get to shake free bonus cash out of a barrel.

Last but not least is free spins. When you land a three free spins symbols on the odd reels, three piles of cash appear onscreen. Pick a cash pile to determine how many free spins you get. Even better, all free spins payouts have a multiplier attached to them! All three of these different bonuses will have players going bananas for bonus cash. Monkey Mad Monkey is only available on All Slots Casino Instant Play. It is not in the All Slots Casino Download software.

Multi-bet Baccarat GOLD Multi-Bet Baccarat Gold is a classy take on a timeless favourite. Baccarat has traditionally been the game favoured by James Bond, and is featured in several of his movies. However, in recent years the game of whales has been replaced by Texas Hold ‘em poker, as seen in the latest James Bond film. This sharp new GOLD version Baccarat aims to add some spice back into the classic game, with multiple bets and card peeking. The objective of the game remains the same – beat the dealer by holding cards that are closest to nine. Dealt from an 8-deck shoe, you can beat the dealer once, or up to 9 times simultaneously. Multi-bet Baccarat GOLD also allows Card Peeking, which lets you rotate, twist and peek at the cards that are dealt to each hand that you play. The Tie bet wins eight time the amount of the player bet and side bets pay up to 11:1, but don’t fret over the rules: they remain visible on your screen at all times.

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