What’s All the Racquet About?

In addition, AllYouBet offers numerous betting options on the tennis’ first Grand Slam event of the year. However, one bet the sportsbook admittedly could not foresee was on players having their racquets broken in the middle of a volley. In baseball it is quite a familiar seen: a batter cracking his bat while making contact with the ball. But not in tennis.

For those that have not seen in the instant YouTube hit, Polish tennis player Agnieszka Radwa?ska cracked her racquet in half attempting return the Kimiko Date-Krumm’s serve.

Upon making contact with the ball, the racquet broke launching the head upwards towards the edge of the court while leaving the handle in Radwa?ska’s hands. No one got hurt, except for the fact that Radwa?ska lost the point, albeit it with one of the most bemused reactions you will ever see from a tennis star upon losing a point. Luckily for her she was only a few points from winning the match.

According to the reports, it seems that the Polish player was banging racquet on the court to release frustration. She will definitely have to keep her composure as she tries to advance in the event that is stacked with a very talented field of players. For those keeping stats, Radwa?ska has never won a Grand Slam tennis event and as of last October was ranked 14th in the world.

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