Mobile Apps Have Definitely Come of Age

From mobile developers to marketers, the prediction of a mobile boom has been the subject of many a boardroom meeting. However, it didn’t come of age until 2010. What was the turning point in 2010? According to a report of mobile phone sales, 2010 was the year when a 0% growth was reported in regular mobile phones, i.e. those phone used only to make calls! The big growth was in the sale of smartphones which are able to do much more than make a call.

Another interesting statistic is that the accessory that most people won’t leave the house without is their mobile phone, not their wristwatch or their diary. The mobile smartphone has replaced our calendars, watches, our little black book of contacts, to-do lists and so much more. Compared with 1996, which was the boom year of the Internet, the mobile Internet is growing at roughly 8x the speed.

In addition to providing us with useful apps that help organize our lives and keep it all in one little efficient box, mobile phones now provide us with music, games, videos and so much more. So when you think of playing at a casino online or placing a sports bet online, you can do that now too with your mobile phone.

All Slots Casino was way ahead of the game in 2009 when it launched its mobile and iPhone casino, but today it is a well-established brand in the market and is going from strength to strength. With numerous casino games and casino apps, you will have loads to play and win.

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