The Global Gaming Expo Grapples with Online Casinos

Although the Global Gaming Expo is the event which focuses on issues that are related to the land-based casino business, however, at the 2010 G2E the topic online casinos could be heard in many informal discussions and conversations at the conference.

For a few years now, the controversial issue of whether to legalize and regulate the online casino realm in the United States has been a hot topic. Some of the pressure has come from land-based casinos or states which profit from their brick and mortar casinos by way of taxes. These casinos feel that they will be hard-hit by the regulation of online casinos as this will provide more competition for them. The last year or two of recession have not added to their sense of security.

Many question whether this is really true and argue that the online casino attracts a different market and that many of the reasons for the downturn in the land-based casino business can be found in the recession and the fact that many people think twice about the overall costs of making a trip to visit a casino resort.

Ina addition, just as all businesses today have to adapt themselves to the competition that the online world of shopping and consumerism has provided, whether it is books, music or shoes, so does the land-based casino need to take this into account.

Whether the online casino as a concept is a threat to its land-based counterpart, or whether it does provide a gaming experience that is totally different to another audience, one thing is clear and that is that the online casino business isn’t going to disappear. Advances in technology will only see more and more innovations in the online world that make it accessible to all.

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