All Slots Releases New Slot Games in the Instant Casino

There was a time when the All Slots Instant Casino was considered the poor stepchild of the main download All Slots Casino. If you were away from your main computer that you had downloaded the casino on, or if you were just one of those people who don’t like to download software, you would make do with the Instant Casino.

Well, those days are over. All Slots Instant Casino now rivals the download casino as one of the top online casinos in the world, and in fact has many exciting games that cannot even be found in the download casino.

In February, All Slots added a whole slew of new online slots games, including Victorian Villain and Mount Olympus, exclusively for the Instant Casino.

Victorian Villain is a 5-reel online slot game set in the dark streets and alleys of 19th century London. It features the dastardly Victorian villain, the honourable constable, and the lovely detective. It also features 243 Ways to Win, a free spins feature that allows you to choose the number of spins and the multiplier, and the Search for Clues bonus game in which you search for valuable clues in order to win valuable prizes.

Mount Olympus is a 5-reel and 25-payline online slot machine set in the glory days of ancient Greece and starring Medusa, the evil creature with snakes in her hair who could turn men into stone merely by looking at them. But this Medusa has mellowed considerably and her snakes have become creatures of good only, especially during the Revenge of Medusa free spins feature, when the snakes slither across the reels to turn entire reels wild and thus enable many winning combinations to emerge.

Whether you journey to 19th century London with Victorian Villain or to ancient Greece with Mount Olympus, you will discover that All Slots Instant Casino has many fabulous and provocative online casino games for your enjoyment. The Instant Casino is nobody’s neglected stepchild any longer.

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