Gilles R Finds a Fortune in Pharaoh’s Tomb

With more than 300 online slots games at All Slots Casino, it is inevitable that a few will emerge as the popular favourites and that others will slip quietly under the radar. For archaeology-themed games, the overwhelming favourite is obviously Tomb Raider and its sequel, Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword. And for Ancient Egypt games, first place is held by Isis, with Treasure Nile running a close second. Pharaoh’s Tomb, meanwhile, has been more or less forgotten about by many online slots players.

But no great slot game – and Pharaoh’s Tomb is a great slot game – can ever be forgotten completely. There will always be at least a small cadre of loyal players. And Gilles R has been a loyal Pharaoh’s Tomb player at All Slots all through the summer of 2011. In July he won a Pharaoh’s Tomb jackpot of 57,200 Euros, and on 21 September – just two days before the end of summer, and four days after his 38th birthday &mdash he won another jackpot of 54,000 Euros. That makes 111,200 Euros in Pharaoh’s Tomb jackpots at All Slots for Gilles R in the summer of ’11.

Pharaoh’s Tomb has all of the special features that player’s look for in a top online slot machine: 5 reels, 20 paylines, wild multipliers, scatter symbols, and free spins. But the most outstanding feature of them all is the Pharaoh’s Tomb bonus game. Three Scarab symbols scattered anywhere on the slot machine reels will trigger the bonus game, which takes place within three ancient Egyptian tombs. Each tomb holds three sarcophagi, with a key hidden inside one of them. If you find the key you win a prize and move on to the next tomb, and if you find all three keys you get to open the Pharaoh’s sarcophagus and claim the grand jackpot of 100 times your total bet.

Gilles R has proven himself to be a lucky slots player and an expert finder of hidden keys. All Slots Online Casino congratulates Gilles on his successful summer in Pharaoh’s Tomb, and wishes him continued success into the fall.

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