All Slots Casino Invites Everybody to Whack a Jackpot

Whack a Mole is a popular arcade game and video game in which the moles stick their heads up momentarily from their holes and the player tries to whack them over the head with a mallet. All Slots Casino now has an online casino game called Whack a Jackpot, based on the same idea, but with the added thrill of real cash jackpots for champion mole whackers.

The Whack a Jackpot screen shows 16 mole holes. The moles will emerge briefly from their holes, linger for a few seconds, and then duck back down into the hole. The player’s job is to whack the mole while his (the mole’s) head is still above ground.

Each mole, when whacked, will reveal his multiplier value. Multiplier values range from 1 to 10,000. The only problem is that three of the sixteen moles have no multiplier value at all. If the player whacks a mole with no multiplier value, it counts as a strike.

If a player whacks three moles with the same multiplier value, he wins that multiplier value times the value of his bet. A 2-pound bet and three 250 multiplier values will win a nice 500-pound payout. A 10-pound bet and three 10,000 multiplier values will win a Jackpot of 100,000 pounds. But remember, three strikes and you’re out in online Whack a Jackpot.

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