All Slots Casino Announces the “Where Do U Do It?” Photo Contest

All Slots Mobile Casino is the casino you can take anywhere. You can play mobile casino games on the bus or the train. You can play mobile casino games relaxing in your easy chair or sprawled on your bed, or in line at the bank or in the doctor’s waiting room. But that is only the beginning of the infinite list of places where you can take All Slots Casino on your mobile.

You can also play mobile casino games atop the Eiffel Tower, or among the mummies in the British Museum, or at your best friend’s wedding. All Slots players are known as an exceptionally creative and imaginative group of people, and they enjoy their casino games in the most unconventional and off-the-beaten-path locations on Earth. And now, with the “Where Do U Do It?” contest, their creativity and imagination will be rewarded with some great prizes.

To enter the contest, go to the Where Do U Do It Facebook Page and submit a photograph of someone playing All Slots Casino on mobile at a whacky, offbeat, humorous, interesting, or unusual location. The photographs will be judged by a panel of qualified judges, and prizes will be awarded.

The Grand Prize for the best picture is an iPad 2. Second place prize is 250 casino credits, and third place is 50 casino credits. And all contestants will receive the thrill of taking All Slots Casino to whatever wild and crazy places their imaginations might lead them and playing great casino games any time and any place on their mobile devices.

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