Major Upgrade! Play Multiple Casino Games at the Same Time

Until now, All Slots Casino players opened a game and played it. Just like an offline casino. It’s about time then that a state-of-the-art online casino like All Slots, that already offers better payout ratios than any offline casino, should leverage its online technology to the fullest. Why should players be forced to quit a game they like in order to play another game they like just as well?

If players can open several windows or tabs in their browser and surf several internet sites simultaneously, then surely they should be able to open several All Slots Casino windows or tabs and play several games at the same time too. Now they can with All Slots Casino’s new multi-window, multi-tab upgrade!

Players can now keep several games open on their screen at the same time, in separate windows, or in separate tabs within the same window, as they resize their games to fit wherever they want onscreen. Some players are starting to open and play four slot games at once, each one fitting into a quarter of their screen. Others like to mix a few spins at roulette with a few slot spins.

It stands to reason that many other luck-optimizing strategies will emerge with this ground-breaking new way to play.

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